Manzullo and Kinzinger Pretty Much Evenly Matched Financially

The end of year financial disclosures filed by Congressmen Don Manzullo and Adam Kinzinger are not as easy to find as I would have wished, but having found them, I conclude that the two are evenly matched as far as available funds go.

Don Manzullo's campaign fund raising and spending during the last three months of 2011

Don Manzullo

Adam Kinzinger

Manzullo reports $522,864 at the end of December, while Kinzinger had $651,089.

That gives Kinzinger a $128,000 lead, but they both appear to have enough money to make significant TV buys in the Downstate markets that cover their ring-around-the-collar counties congressional district that Illinois Democrats drew.

Manzullo raised $160,000 during the three months, while Kinzinger took in $201,000.

Kinzinger spent more than Manzullo.  The totals were $201,000 for Kinzinger to Manzullo’s $118,000.

Here's a summary of what Congressman Adam Kinzinger raised and spent during October, November and December.


Manzullo and Kinzinger Pretty Much Evenly Matched Financially — 1 Comment

  1. Hard to figure out who’s the bigger fraud in this one ….. like so many Illinois contests.

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