Donna Kurtz Raises Campaign Funds for County Board Race

Donna Kurtz greets District 47 School Board member Ginny Visin and husband Allen.

For the second Thursday night in a row, Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria was the site of a Republican event.  More sales tax revenue for my revenue-starved Village of Lakewood was one of my thoughts.

McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler, Newt Gingrich Alternate Delegate candidate Mike Shorten, District 4 County Board canddiate Linda Kvidera Murphy and Nunda Township GOP Chairman Brent Smith converged on the door as I was leaving.

Last week, it was for State Senate candidate Karen McConnaughay to meet local Republicans.

State Senate candidate Karen McConnaughay chatted with McHenry County Auditor Pam Palmer.

This week, it was McHenry County Board member Donna Kurtz’ fund raiser.

Here's a view of part of the crowd who attended Donna Kurtz' Groundhog Day fund raiser. How many can you name below in the comment section?

Marvelous deep dish pizza, of course.

A view in the other direction of some of those in attendance.

Good thing I skipped lunch.

State Rep. Mike Tryon was at this table. One of the Honored Guests, Ralph Dawson can be seen to the right. Tom Pozmamski, Grafton Township Republican Party Chairman is in the foreground on the left. In the background in Nunda Precinct Committeeman Mark Daniel and County Board member Nick Provenzano, who is not only running for re-election, but as a Delegate for Newt Gingrich, whose Illinois campaign he is coordinating.

There was a more than a touch of class in the classical guitarist who entertained the crowd.  His name is  David Daoui (815-337-8707).

Cary Fire Protection District Trustee Mark Guerra, Assistant State's Attorney Donna Kelly and State's Attorney Lou Bianchi engaged in an animated conversation.

Politics, of course enveloped the room.

The woman with her back to the camera is the GOP canidate for McHenry County Coroner, Anne Majewski. She is conversing with State's Attorney's Chief Investigator Ron Salgado, her mother, former McHenry County Board member Lou Anne Majewski, Republican Precinct Committeeman Eileen Marhoeffer and Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore.

Allies from political wars past sometimes sat together.

Crystal Lake City Councilwoman and McHenry County Board candidate Carolyn Schofield met some new people. On the left is attorney Jim Bishop. Former Crystal Lake Estates Precinct Committeeman Tom Roti is on the right. Behind is District 47 Board member Nancy Gonsiorek.

Others were seating by the luck of the draw, meeting new people.

Donna’s mother, former State Rep. Rosemary Kurtz, was helping do the essential funding raising tasks while her daughter was making the rounds.

Lakewood Village President Erin Smith brought her husband and parents, who raise her on Gate 14 in Lakewood. Former Village Trustee Black Hobson and his wife were also in attendance.

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