Illinois Tea Party Endorses Danielle Rowe for State Representative

A press release from Danielle Rowe about the Illinois Tea Party endorsing her for State Representative. She is running against incumbent Kent Gaffney and fellow challenger Dave McSweeney:

Danielle Rowe Endorsed by Illinois Tea Party

Danielle Rowe

Danielle Rowe, Republican Candidate for Illinois State Representative in the 52nd district, is honored to receive the endorsement of The Illinois Tea Party. Rowe is among the first endorsements ever made by the Illinois Tea Party at the state level, and is the first woman to receive an endorsement.

Denise Cattoni, State Director of the Illinois Tea Party, said of the endorsements,

“In 2010 we supported candidates who could help stop wasteful spending, runaway deficits and Obamacare at the federal level.

“But after Springfield politicians raised our taxes in the middle of the night and piled up $8.5 billion in unpaid bills, we’ve been left with no choice but to stand up for the people of Illinois.

“These candidates are supported by our local tea party groups who know the candidates and their communities best.”

The Illinois Tea Party endorsement read as follows:

The Tea Party logo that Mary Alger designed.

Danielle Rowe is a conservative leader and tireless tea party activist. Rowe’s “Roadmap” of

  • repealing the tax increase,
  • reforming public sector pensions,
  • reducing spending and
  • restoring a climate friendly to small businesses

is exactly what our state needs.

Not only is Rowe leading by example on pension reform by refusing to accept a legislator pension, she has pledged to introduce legislation to eliminate legislator pensions completely.

Andrew Gasser

“Danielle Rowe is the real tea party conservative running in the 52nd Illinois State Representative race,” said Andrew Gasser, an Illinois Tea Party Leader from Fox River Grove.

“Danielle is someone who understands what it means to practice fiscal responsibility, constitutional limited government, and free markets here in the 52nd district and in Springfield.

“Make no mistake, Ms. Rowe is not afraid to take on the special interest groups and is going to make an excellent state representative.”

Rowe said,

“What makes me most proud about receiving a statewide endorsement from the tea party is that it’s the people’s endorsement.

“When you’re supported by the tea party you’re supported by the people.

“I believe in the capacity for self-governance and that government is best when it’s closest to the people.”

Mary Alger

Among Rowe’s strongest supporters is Crystal Lake Tea Party Coordinator, Mary Alger.

“I support Danielle Rowe as the voice of a new fiscal and social solution for a very broken Illinois,” said Mary Alger, Crystal Lake Tea Party Coordinator.

“Danielle will bring passion, leadership & common sense in a clear bold voice to represent the taxpayers and the job creators to the Statehouse.”

Rowe has also received endorsements from Illinois Liberty PAC, Empowering Children PAC and the Illinois Center Right Coalition (ICRC).


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  1. I am still waiting for Mary to explain her T.E.A. analogy on property taxes in McHenry County when it is all the McHenry County GOPs doing. From park district to county board…100% GOP. Come on Mary….I want to watch the double talk.

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