Environment Defenders Plan 42nd Annual Meeting

Perceptive readers will not continuing advice to candidates about how to maximize their chances of success.

Usually, it’s indirect.

Today, it’s direct.

There are a couple of politically influential organizations in McHenry County.

One is Patriots United. While organizationally not-for-profit, folks who attend its affairs are pretty much sure to vote and influence others.

Another is surely the Environmental Defenders. Called the McHenry County Defenders in years past, the group is composed of individuals who know how to influence the political process.

If you don’t believe me, ask any number of zoning authorities who actions they have influenced. (Note, I don’t say, “tried to influence.”)

The group was formed 42 years ago. For years, it was the largest organization with a political (defined broadly) interest.

More recently, Patriots United seem to have involved more people.

OK. Here’s the advice.

Click to enlarge.

The 42nd Annual Meeting will be held at the old Resurrection Center on Sunday, March 11th. (Now, it’s called the Loyola University Retreat and Ecology Center.)

The “social time” starts at 5. Don’t be late, because once you are seated for dinner, most of your interaction will be with those at your table.

Dinner is served at 5:30 and the program, featuring Tom Loftus of the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning and Nancy Tuchman of the university starts at 7.

I write about this so far ahead because the price for non-members is $40. Or you can join now and pay only $20 for dinner.

If one wishes to attend just the program, one can do so for free…with advanced reservations.

Reservations are due by March 1st for the catered dinner. Basil and brie stuffed chicken or roasted vegetable pasta are your food choices, selection of which is requested with reservation and payment.

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