Youngest Precinct Committeeman Candidate Writes about YR Candidates’ Night for Districts 5 & 6

Melissa Denker works with her computer.

Melissa Denker.

Remember that name.

For those of you who can’t remember reading about her candidacy for Dunham Township Republican Precinct Committeeman, take a trip through this recent McHenry County Blog article.

19 years old.

McHenry County College student.

Computer literate.

Tea Party.

The future of the Republican Party, if its members want a future.

Not yet elected (although sure to be, since there is no opponent on the GOP primary ballot), Denker already has a web site.

Dunham Township Republican Precinct Committeeman candidate Melissa Denker's web site.

And, it’s not just a place holder.

It has valuable content.

She attended the Young Republicans Candidates’ Forum for District 5 and 6 McHenry County Board candidates.

She tells a bit of what the candidates said and offers her opinions.

Here’s a sample of her writing style:

Second, even though some candidates didn’t show up… * Cough* Incumbent Mary McCann * cough* Michele R. Aavang * Cough* Cook County Deputy Sheriff  J. Vincent Ranzino * Cough -Excuse me :) , I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting 6 out of the 10 candidates running.

Read why she was impressed with

  • Michael Stanard
  • Ersel Schuster
  • Shawn Green
  • Diane Evertsen/David LeGue

Primary voters get to vote for four candidates because there are four seats to be filled.

It’s 42 days until the primary election, but early voting starts February 27th.

Candidates not on her favorable list could change her mind, I sense, but what if she doesn’t wait until election day to vote.


Youngest Precinct Committeeman Candidate Writes about YR Candidates’ Night for Districts 5 & 6 — 5 Comments

  1. Before you go ga, ga, you may want to check out her Facebook page to either confirm your first impression or form another one.

  2. Can I ask what you find Wrong with my Facebook page and what impression you could possibly make of me without meeting me?

  3. @Incredible Board

    Melissa is 19 and getting involved in the political process, this is the American.

    She is putting herself out there, doing the uncomfortable thing of letting people see her and her beliefs.

    I have to wonder if it is people like you, who take pot shots anonymously from the sidelines, at good people. Who are you anyways?

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