McHenry County Business Committee Holds Second Meeting

A new Political Action Committee organized by Nunda Township Republican Central Committee Chairman and Waste Management employee Brent Smith held its second meeting Wednesday night at American Community Bank in McHenry.

Brent Smith explains the purpose of the organization, while Mark Daniels listens and Mike Shorten takes notes.

Registered with the State Board of Elections on November 30, 2011, the committee’s listed officers are Smith as Chairman and Mark Daniel as Treasurer.

Jim Bishop

The declared purpose of the McHenry County Business Committee is “to support local, state and federal pro-business political candidates, ballot initiatives and initiatives that supports economic growth throughout McHenry County and Illinois.”  It’s party affiliation, according to the filing is the Republican Party.

Such statements in filings are pretty boiler plate stuff.  The mission statement and by-laws are still works in progress, Smith explained to those gathered.

“We’re sensing anecdotally that there’s an anti-business climate. We really need to educate ourselves first,” Attorney Dan Regna explained.

Interests ranged widely among the attendees.

There were complaints about Crystal Lake’s continuing to be difficult for people wanting to open business to deal with.

“Go the Crystal Lake officials,” said attorney Jim Bishop.  “They don’t want to believe you.

“And there’s no businessman willing to stand up,” he added.

Joe Gottemoller

Attorney and District 3 County Board candidate Joe Gottemoller, for instance, told of being only one of two people (the other being archetect Mark Elmore) at the Crystal Lake City Council meeting when a new fire code was passed.

Anything with more than one square foot with walls requires a sprinkler system now. He contended a post box fell under the requirement.

He also took off on the unfriendliness of County zoning rules for home businesses.

“You cannot actually run a home occupation,” he contended, citing three unworkable restrictions:

  1. You can have more than one outside employee, even it if they are outside salesmen
  2. You can’t use any building on your property but your resident, not even a machine shed
  3. If you have a room with an exterior door, you can’t use it.

“If you use a basement and don’t have an outside entrance, you’ve violated the building code,” he added.

“There’s dozens and dozens and dozens of restraints in this wonderful Republican County we live in,” Bishop added.

Gottemoller remembered getting a call from the head of construction for McDonald’s about the restaurant being built at the corner of Routes 14 and 176.

“The worst one to work with is McHenry County,” he remembered the man telling him.  “The worst in the world.”

Later McHenry County Board member and former Lakewood Village President Scott Breeden, who was the main speaker and about whose speech another article will be written, observed, “Crystal Lake is well known as the worst place to build a building.”

Some in the room had less parochial concerns.

Joe Alger

JA Frate President Joe Alger’s 108-employee business is located in Lake in the Hills north of Rakow Road right next to the Crystal Lake city boundary on Pyott Road.

While discussing his plan to buy the property next door he said besides having to “build a berm and plant a forest” between the property and Coventry, his dealings with the city had been fine.

He was more interested in how Obamacare was going to affect his company’s $500,000+ health care coverage.  He certainly did not want government taking it over and he was livid at Obama’s recent attack on the Catholic Church.

Alger also questioned the connection of Smith to Local 150 of the Operating Engineers, citing the union’s activity in Indiana against the recently enacted Right-to-Work law.

“You’re not a 150 BA (Business Agent)?  You’re an operator with Waste Management. I don’t know why you started it (the PAC).

“Unions are a major issue,” Alger said.

“This has nothing to do with 150,” Smith replied.

The group set the next meeting for March 14th at The Living Room, which is located where Porter’s Oyster Bar used to be.  Social hour from 6:30-7 with a meeting to follow.


McHenry County Business Committee Holds Second Meeting — 13 Comments

  1. No PACS, no 150, no Politics= more businesses for McHenry County

  2. Thanks to Joe Alger for speaking the truth.

    I question whether unions are the issue, as well.

    Unions are the issue at every turn these days, and not in a good way.

    Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana – just to name a few.

    After last year’s debacle in Madison, the whole country got to see what they really care about – union dues. 150 traveled to Indiana to oppose the R to Work law? THAT is disturbing.

  3. What is this PAC’s usefulness when we have MCEDC (McHenry County Economic Development Corp)?

    I see no use for this group whatsoever, unless it’s to push pro-union candidates.


  4. Closing the pits last summer.

    Protesting in Indiana and Wisconsin.

    A giant blow up rat named Scabby.

    A history of intimidation against nonunion businesses.

    Tell me again how local150 and small business and business in general are synonymous.

  5. This is a group of conservative business people.

    Yes we are REPUBLICANS, even Brent Smith.

    We are tired of the status quo political BS.

    There are more problems with this state then just the unions.

    Instead of passing judgment on this group, by reading a couple selective quotes, come to a meeting see what we are about.

    We are not a group that is intimidated by politicians.

    Some where along the way, in our state, OUR elected officials have forgotten who they work for.

    This group has the balls to try and change things to help McHenry County.

    Complaning, moaning, swearing, pacing and worrying are not going to change a fricking thing.

    Get off your asses and do something about it!

    We are.

  6. Local 150 was entitled to go to Indiana, agree with them or not, because their disticts inlcude NW Indiana.

  7. AC: Yes but the #1 problem in this state IS the unions. I’m sensing some anger issues because some may disagree with your motives. Not very professional.

  8. AC if you are so proud and you and your crew are on the up and up, use your real name when posting.

    I won’t use my name because I know how the union types deal with people that speak out against them.

  9. @anotherconservative, just reading your post I know you are in a union.

    Your language is filthy!

    Just like all the rest of the union thugs, can’t complete a thought without inserting swear words.

    If you want to get your point across, clean up the language.

  10. All republicans want to do to attack unions, public education, health care, voting rights, to protect the millionaires and billionaires so they dont have to pay more in taxes.

    So, lets cut everything right?

    The Koch Brothers, Tea bagger extremists hate democracy and government.

    And how about wanting to eliminate the EPA?

    Yeah, that would be great…our country would fall apart.

    Scott Walker will be recalled and Wisconsin’s message will be heard loud and clear that corporations, Governor Etch A Sketch and big money fat cats will not steal this election in 2012.

    Lets not forget that out last republican president George W Bush brought us in to this economic mess with 2 unpaid for wars and the bush tax cuts and couldn’t even find Osama Bin laden in 8 years.

    Now, instead of millionaires paying there fair share, they would much rather attack the “unions” as if unions are the problem.

    America knows the truth about the 1% Republicon Party. Obama/biden 2012!

  11. Rick Scott, Mitch Daniels, Jan Brewer, Rick perry, Chris Christie, Scott Walker, Rick Snyder, John Kasich, and all the other Republican extremists that are all Koch-bought and paid for by Americans for Prosperity and Citizens United will be thrown out of office! http://WWW.KOCHBROTHERSEXPOSED.COM

  12. And if you stand with workers, you win.

    If you stand with Paul Ryan, you loose.

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