Sheriff Nygren Shows Up on County Board Literature

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I picked up some McHenry County Board candidates’ literature at the Friday Young Republican candidates’ night at McHenry County College, but took time to look at it.

The biggest was from Linda Kvidera-Murphy, a candidate for a District 4 seat.

It’s well-done graphically, even though too large to stick into a number ten (ten) business-sized envelope that many precinct committeemen use to deliver campaign literature.

On the front is an attractive photo and the dates for early voting (Feb. 27- March 15) and her web site address.

As I compare the web site with the “palm card,” the information seems to be pretty much the same.

(I do note that the literature contains the required fund raising disclaimer, even though it does not solicit funds, while I cannot find it on the web site. Seems that the disclosure ought be be added since there is active solicitation there.)

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The web site does say Kvidera-Murphy’s campaign strategy is to knock on as many doors as possible, so the extra large card will be easier to see than a more typically smaller one.

But what caught my attention was the endorsement by Sheriff Keith Nygren, Treasurer Bill LeFew and outgoing Coroner Marlene Lantz.

LeFew and Nygren, of course, were in the forefront of trying to rid the courthouse of McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi.

It’s no big secret that Kvidera-Murphy is the sister-in-law of Nunda Township GOP Chairman Brent Smith.

My memory of her maiden name is the Kvidera who ran the butcher shop  in Cary.

He was one of the most outspoken Democrats in town.

Two generations away and there’s a Republican.

Think it’s the water or just association with neighbors who mainly Republican?


Sheriff Nygren Shows Up on County Board Literature — 7 Comments

  1. Sure wouldn’t want endorsements from those three. what were you thinking Linda K-M?

  2. only wish nygren’s comment about her could be attributed to him!!!

  3. Erv Kvidera was the butcher (and outspoken Democrat) in question- and my Father.

    And as much as he believed “It’s fun to be a Democrat” (as the car he drove in parades insisted) he loved a good political debate.

    I am sure he would have enjoyed arguing politics with his granddaughter (and my niece) Linda as much as he enjoyed arguing with everyone else.

    I believe Linda’s husband Brendan was campaign manager for Bianchi’s primary opponent last time around- I bet that explains the LeFew- Nygren endorsement.

  4. I was simply the volunteer coordinator for the Regna Campaign.

    If I had been the coordinator I would not have missed adding the disclaimer to the web site. (that over site has been corrected thanks Cal.)

  5. Endorsements from the people mentioned in this article are not endorsements a smart county politician would want at this time. Even if elected I have a feeling it will come back to haunt.

    Brent is a smart guy. He knows what’s going on around here. Surprised he didn’t advise his sister-in-law better.

    Last thing any new politician wants is to be associated with a corrupt politician early on in his/her career.

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