Lake in the Hills Police Working Rakow Road

Most people don’t know that Lake in the Hills goes up on Pyott Road north of Rakow Road.

Traffic stop on Rakow Road by Lake in the Hills Police.

I was reminded of that when Joe Alger, President of JA Frate, told of having to put up “a big berm and a forest of trees” in order to use the property just to the north of his company’s property on Pyott Road. He had to deal with Crystal Lake officials.

The northern boundary of Lake in the Hills.

So, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised Lake in the Hills Police would be tracking the speed of vehicles on Rakow Road south of JA Frate.

Crystal Lake is not known as a speed trap.

Don’t know if the traffic stop above is an indication of a Lake in the Hills revenue stream to come, but it might be.


Lake in the Hills Police Working Rakow Road — 1 Comment

  1. I this peeding ppl do know that lith goes up Pyott and am not sure how pulling over a single driver within the village is an indicator of anything…other than thst someone was speeding.

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