Youngest Precinct Committeeman-to-be Asks “Where’s Jack Franks Opponent?”

Melissa Denker is running for Precinct Committeeman in Dunham Township.

That there is a candidate is big news in and of itself.

There’s not even a appointed committeeman now.

And it’s not a small precinct. 259 voted in the Republican primary election last time around.

Denker isn’t the type of Precinct Committeeman I remember when I ran for McHenry County Treasurer at age 23. He was an old guy…probably not as old as I am now, but I’d guess he was in his 60’s.

Melissa Denker

Claude O. Pagles.

He was home during the day in his small house in the southern part of Harvard, so he was probably retired.

And, from the look of surprise, I was probably the first candidate seeking support to knock on his door.

Denker is younger than I was then.

She’s 19, attending McHenry County College.

Today, she write a lament about the Republican Party:

Where is my Republican Party?

What might a young person think about the Republican Party?

Any idea?

Read the article.

Among concerns is voter turnout. Join the crowed there.

Jack Fanks

And she points out,

” In Representative District 63 we don’t even have a Republican running!

“We have Democrat Jack Franks who is ‘the typical politician’ and has been there for a LONG TIME!


“This is why I ask where my Republican Party is, but another question is where are my voters?”

“Lament” rightly describes the piece, I think.


Youngest Precinct Committeeman-to-be Asks “Where’s Jack Franks Opponent?” — 6 Comments

  1. Very bright young lady.

    Good question.

    Anyone want to give some answers???

  2. Great Young Lady she will find out the McHenry County Republican Chairman has no guts

  3. Well I listened to the radio show and looked at her website and she seems personable.

    I couldn’t find her bio on her website and I wonder how much time she has spent in Dunham Township or how many people she knows there, because as everyone knows whom has lived there for a long time, especially in Marengo, Franks has a lot of friends and his family owned a farm and and feed store going back decades.

    He has a lot of personal relationships especially in the agricultural roots of the area and most of those folks are conservative, and from his law firm.

    I think he’s lived all or at least most of his life in the area.

    It’s more than just he has a lot of money and has been in office a long time.

    She didn’t state at least in the radio show what specific issues she thinks he can be challenged on.

  4. The Republican Party in McHenry County is a joke.

    It is led by losers whose sole interest is worthless local power leading nothing but a pack of their own misfit toys.

    Actual voters in the Republican Primary don’t even know who these knuckleheads are.

    The local businesses are frustrated because the “Party Leaders” are anything but and do nothing but interfere with their businesses as they ask them for donations to the Party.

    Sad, but the Republican Party in McHenry County is nothing but a social club of dumb misfits.

    The same 100-200 people meet repeatedly at their own gatherings, “campaign” amongst just themselves, and live in the delusion that they’re important to the community.

    Wake up Republican Party “Leaders”, you’re the laughing stock.

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