County Board District 5 Signs of Election Season

Driving to the Marengo Business Expo on Saturday my political eyes could hardly avoid the two large political signs on the stretch of Route 47 where it shares space with Route 176.

First was one for District 5 incumbent Tina Hill.

McHenry County Baord member Tina Hill has this four by four-foot sign on Route 47/.176 on the Crystal Lake side of the road.

Next was one for District 5 incumbent John Jung.

John Jung's four by eight-foot sign was my second indication that a political campaign was afoot.

That night, I attended the McHenry County Young Republicans candidates’ forum for District 52’s three aspirants for office.

And, there I saw something out-of-context.

Although it was to be a debate among Kent Gaffney, Danielle Rowe and David McSweeney, there was this face I recognized as I walked into the MCC auditorium, I couldn’t place him.

Then, he helped me out by handing me the palm card you see below:

It’s clean, crisp and with a four-letter last name easy to comprehend. I note that one both sides of the card, Rein gives his web site address: www.VOTE FOR

Good marketing.

Something that I guess I should not be surprised to see coming from a chiropractor.

There are five people running for four slots on the Republican ballot:

  • Tina Hill
  • John Jung
  • Michael Rein]
  • Michael Skala
  • Virginia Peschke

The incumbents are Hill, Jung and Peschke.

The four winners to challenge Paula Yensen in her first bid for re-election. Yensen beat Jung in the general election four years ago.

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