Joe Walsh Says Catholics “Stabbed in the Back” by Obama

Didn't think Congressman Joe Walsh could speak softly? Listen to what this Catholic Cngressman has to say about the Obama Administraton's compromise.

That the fight between the Catholic Church and the Obama Administration is not over is evidenced by the reading of Chicago Cardinal George’s letter to parishes in his diocese.

That’s after the “compromise” offered by President Obama.

Is it possible that Catholic leaders have figured out the lessen taught me by insurance lobbyists in Springfield?

Any mandate will be paid for by those buying insurance.

There is no free lunch, as the President’s “compromise” suggests.

Sure, the insurance companies will provide the pills and devices to prevent pregnancies, plus the pill to disposed of unwanted conceptions for free.

The companies will save money because that preventative “health care” will be less expensive that delivering babies.

Let’s try a bit of logic on that line of reasoning.

If it were true, why would not all healthy insurance companies be doing so already?

Just asking.

Now, if you wish, take a look at the less than 2-minute YouTube of Joe Walsh’s view on the issue:


Joe Walsh Says Catholics “Stabbed in the Back” by Obama — 6 Comments

  1. Once the First Amendment goes, the rest will topple like dominoes.

  2. Who is granted First Amendment rights?

    Only Catholics?

    Or Christians, Presbyterians, Protestants, Muslims, Hindus, Athesits, and Agnostics too?

  3. Also, do the Catholic bishops not realize that there are studies out there saying that 98% of Catholic women use contraception?

    And Joe Walsh is one to talk about this issue….this is the guy who has been taken to court for not paying child support for his own children. So women should be very confident that men will take care of their responsibilities right?

  4. Why is it so hard for the government to respect the rights of the people? We have the FREEDOM of religion. Stop infringing on our rights!

    If you don’t agree with the values of the religion you belong to, go find one that fits your needs.

    If you are Catholic and want to use birth control, maybe you shouldn’t be Catholic. OR maybe just pay for your OWN birth control! When did we all forget that nothing in life is free and decide society owes us?

    If the government wants to hand out birth control for free, let them operate the clinic.

  5. Catholic bishops buried their collective heads in the sand when it came to clergy “issues”, so more head burying doesn’t surprise me. Sand is a major part of their diet these days.

  6. The uterine envy is just far too much for me.

    Here’s an idea. Unless you OWN your OWN uterus, how about you stay out of it?

    I bet there would be a different discussion if only women made decisions about female healthcare.

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