John McCain to Headline for Dave McSweeney — 8 Comments

  1. His cred goes with guys like Roeser and Gidwitz as sponsors.

  2. Jack Roeser and John McCain are patriots; I’d take their endorsement any time.

    As an employer, Jack Roeser has been good for the community; job opportunities, housing, product development.

    He supports education and accountability from the schools.

    As an individual, he’s made it on his own hard work. Wish there were more of these”roll up your sleeves” people in politics.

  3. Bringing in the biggest RHINO is not good for his image. He’s Done!

  4. I was no Jim Edgar fan, but Roeser’s attacks on him (and others) with, through and in support of stooges like Chad Koppie were anything but patriotic or honest.

    There’s a lot of shame there.

    Look it up; maybe you’re too young to remember.

  5. Why hold this thing downtown??? Why not patronize a business within the district he wants to represent???

    Ugh – John McCain? gag me!

    I’m very disappointed Adam A. is supporting McSweeney.

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