Overflowing Room of Supporters Raise Money for Cliff Surges

After attending State Senate candidate Karen McConnaughay’s event in Lakewood, it seemed appropriate to see what was up at her opponent’s pizza affair in Lake in the Hills.

The table where Cliff Surges' Campaign Treasurer took the $25 price of admission.

While McConnaughay’s was a freebee, Cliff Surges’s affair cost $25. When I got to the entry table, Surges recognized me and let me in free.

The fundraising room was crowded.

The place was packed, with some seeking a place for a quiet conversation in an overflow room.

The only elected official I found from McHenry County was Cary Village Trustee Bruce Kaplan. He is seen standing pretty much in the center of this photo.

While McConnaughay’s affair had numerous locally-elected officials, the only one I saw at Surges was Cary Village Trustee Bruce Kaplan and Cary is not in the district. Of course, his opponent had folks at her affair who live out of her district.

Cliff Surges worked the tables, here talking with Frank Muzzalupo

After an introduction by his campaign manager Scott Webb, the Northern Illinois campaign coordinator for Peter Fitzgerald’s U.S. Senate campaign, Surges test marketed a new talk.

Cliff Surges' campaign manager Scott Webb.

Surges really was pretty good.

Cliff Surges delivered a high energy speech.

Surges revealed to us non-Kane County folks that there is a slate that has developed down there.

Kane County Circuit Clerk candidate Tom Hartwell (far right in photo) listens to Cliff Surges speak.

Kane County Campaign signs at Cliff Surges fund raiser.

Surges is aligned with

  • State Senator Chris Lauzen’s County Board Chairmanship campaign,
  • Tom Hartwell’s Circuit Clerk’s campaign,
  • Dr. Bob Tiballi’s campaign for Coroner,
  • Terry Hunt’s campaign for Auditor and
  • County Board candidates Robert Sauceda and Drew Frasz,

and perhaps others I missed.

The main event was a speech by Adam Andrzejewski.

Andrzejewski ran in the GOP primary for Governor in 2010 and has been on a transparency campaign since then.

Adam Andrzejewski energizes Cliff Surges' supporters.

His organization, For the Good of Illinois, has posted salary information for all sorts of public employees.

Andrzejewski said that Surges was “taking on the entire failed political class in Kane County.

“The Illinois political class still doesn’t understand the political crisis,” he continued.

Former Director of Development Phil Bus came in for comment.

Andrezejewski said that McConnaughay raised his salary over 60% in six years, retired, took a good pension and then was put on as a consultant.

He said that the man’s wife and brother made multi-thousand dollar contributions to McConnaughay.

Andrzejewski railed against

  • “salary spiking”
  • “pension padding”
  • “contributions after retirement along the lines of pay to play.”

“His opponent has an unlimited access to tainted money.

“There’s not one person in this room that has a county contract.”


Adam Andrzejewski and East Dundee Trustee Allen Skillicorn had a chat after the event.

= = = = =
The event was full of people who seemed likely to campaign actively, including one 18-year old Surges had coached. He registered to vote in order to be able to vote for Surges.


Overflowing Room of Supporters Raise Money for Cliff Surges — 6 Comments

  1. I attended this event and had to go into an adjoining room to find a seat and a quieter place to converse. Adam Andrzejewski really spoke truth to power.

    Karen McConnaughay said in the papers recently “Where is the pay to play?”

    She will regret asking that question as much as Gary Hart regretted asking reporters to follow him around if they thought he was involved in adulterous activity.

  2. Karen is losing her luster a bit in my eyes, but Surges inability to pay his taxes promptly should be an issue.

    Not sure I like whom either one is affiliated with (McConnaughay/Chairman Neckbeard or Surges/Lauzen who is the crybaby of Kane County politics).

    I could yet be swayed on this one.

  3. Funny, Surges refers to a slate of candidates he’s running with in Kane yet one of those “slate” members publicly says that he’s not part of a slate.

    Which is it?

    Jon aren’t you running for county board in Henry Co this year?

    I noticed you are no longer on the school board – can you explain that too.

  4. Paul, there is no problem with Surges and taxes.

    He owes nothing.

    He made a perfectly legal and acceptable decision to pay his taxes in one installment, with a penalty, rather than two.

    That option is listed on the tax bill with the cost of doing it that way.

    I disagree with you about Senator Lauzen.

    He is a man of high integrity and is a tireless and consistent fighter for conservative causes.

    Lindsey, the slate that I am concerned about is the one with their picture taken campaigning together by Joe Calomino- The herd of RINOs: McConnaughay,Burns, Wallett, Russell, and Hurlbut.

    The team you refer to are conservative reformers: Lauzen, Surges, Hartwell, Hunt and Dr. Tiballi.

    Up and down Kane County conservative organizations and leaders are endorsing and campaigning for the five of them.

    Myself included.

    As for your personal questions…I resigned from the Orion School Board on December 5, 2010 as I prepared to take the oath of office of Henry County Board member on December 6, 2010.

    This was after I defeated an 8 year Democrat incumbent in November.

    This was the final race result to come in on election night giving the Republicans in Henry County our first majority in 22 years and flipping the board from 8-16 to 13-11.

    Yes, I am running for re-election.

    I am unopposed in the Republican Primary.

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