Northwest Herald Recommends Dumping Two Who Took Part in Secret Reapportionment Meetings

Endorsements take a lot of work.  That’s probably the real reason that the Chicago Sun-Times decided not to do them this year.

Today, the Northwest Herald rolled out its favorites for McHenry County Board Districts 2 and 3.

Nick Provenzano

Ken Koehler

There are two names missing with something in common:

  • McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler
  • Law and Justice Committee Chairman Nick Provenzano

While the editorial board criticizes Koehler for not shaking up the Health Department after the McCullom Lake ground water pollution probe, plus another issue (go read the editorial), the main reason may have been the  “secret redistricting meeting.”

Whether coincidental or not, Provenzano took part in the same meeting.  The endorsement editorial for District 3 did not mention the meeting, however, or any reason, for that matter, for not endorsing Provenzano’s re-election.  Provenzano ran first in the GOP primary two years ago, regaining the seat he lost to Democrat Kathy Bergan Schmidt in 2008.

And who got Northwest Herald bragging rights?

District 2

  • Jim Heisler
  • Donna Kurtz
  • Carolyn Schofield
  • Tom Wilbeck

District 3

  • Incumbent Mary Donner
  • Challenger Joe Goetmoeller
  • Challenger Mary McClellan
  • Challenger Michael Walkup

In District 3 there are only two incumbents Republicans running for re-election.  That’s because Barb Wheeler in running for State Representative and Schmidt, being a Democrat runs in that party’s primary.

In District 2 there are five candidates running for four spots.

I note that two incumbent District 2 candidates who voted to maximize the county’s tax bill (Kurtz and Heisler) got spanked. The third running for re-election, Koehler, did not.

In District 3, however, there was no mention that the one incumbent who voted for the tax hike did so. She was Mary Donner. Provenzano voted against the levy. No mention of that either.


Northwest Herald Recommends Dumping Two Who Took Part in Secret Reapportionment Meetings — 5 Comments

  1. The NW Herald is closer to gettnig it right.

    Kudos for making the right (non-call) on Chairman Mao.

    No tears shed over their non-endorsement of Nick the Stick.

    However, endorsing Mike (honest all those park district referenda and fee increases weren’t MY idea) Walkup is a big miss on their part.

    Walkup supported the CL Park District desired purchare of Viking Dodge.

    That’s reason enough to vote against him.

  2. Mary McClellan must not be a very good lawyer considering all her sign make their way to government property.

    Carolyn Schofield is a democrat, plain and simple.

    If anyone went to any debate with Michael Walkup or even heard him talk, they would run in the other direction, here the NWH made a big mistake

    NWH is blowing the open meetings act out of proportion, the fact they are so concerned about it shows how incompetent the NWH is, this stuff happens everyday

  3. Peter: Don’t agree at all with your assessemnt of Mrs. Schofield.

    However, even if you are correct, if we voted for the person and not the label, she is the best of the people on the ballot.

    And maybe that is not such a bad measure.

    Failure to vote for Carolyn Schofield just empowers the McHenry County Combine.

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