Tea Leaves at the Northwest Herald

Could the Northwest Herald be planning to endorse a Democrat if Ken Koehler wins one of the four GOP spots in the District 2 primary election?

Maybe it’s not tea leaves.

Maybe it’s newspaper clippings to which I should allude.

In any event, the first two McHenry County Board endorsement editorials got me thinking.

McHenry County’s paper of record has suggested dumping

  • Board Chairman Ken Koehler in District 2 and
  • incumbent Nick Provenzano in District 3.

There is one commonality and that is their having taken part in the secret meeting about district lines that the Illinois Attorney General rules violated the Open Meetings Act.

If Nick Provenzano wins the District 3 GOP primary, could the Northwest Herald be planning to endorse the re-election of Democrat Kathy Bergan Schmidt?

The two were on opposing sides on the tax hike issue with Koehler leading the majority, while Provenzano vote against levying the maximum amount possible.

That brings me to my first thought.

Five members took part in that secret remap meeting.

One, Marc Munaretto, is not running for re-election.

The other two are on the ballot, however:

  • Tina Hill
  • John Jung

Both are in District 5.

There are five people running in District 5’s Republican primary election.

Listed in ballot order, they are:

  • John Jung, Jr.
  • Tina R. Hill
  • Virginia D. Peschke
  • Michael Rein
  • Michael Skala

If the Northwest Herald forgoes endorsing incumbents Tina Hill and John Jung in District 5, if could mean Democrat Paul Yensen would get a re-election recommendation.

Will the Northwest Herald refuse to endorse both Jung and Hill?

No more reason to endorse four people for the four spots than there is to vote for four candidates, if only one, two or three turn you on.

Both Hill and Jung also voted to raise tax bills as much as the law allows, as you can see in the article linked to below.  Hill switched her vote to help  break a tie vote on a motion to keep taxes constant.

Will its editorial board say, “We can only recommend three”?

And that brings me to my second reading of the tea leaves.

By not endorsing strong incumbents in District 2 (Koehler) and District 3 (Provenzano) and, maybe only three Republicans in District 5, could the folks at the NWH be setting the stage for endorsing at least one Democrat in Districts 2, 3 and 5?

There are, of course, already Democrats in District 3 and 5,

  • Kathy Bergan Schmidt
  • Paul Yensen

Yensen was on the side of the taxpayers on the levy vote.   Schmidt wasn’t.

In District 2, there are two Democrats running.  The first is Jim Kennedy, who was defeated by John Jung in District 5 two years after Yensen defeated Jung.

The second is Ridgefield businessman (The Framery) and almost lifetime resident Jim Roden, who seems poised to run as the “anti-Koehler.”

I’m leaving out District 4, the one that has northern McHenry Township, plus Richmond and Burton Townships in the northeast corner of McHenry County.

A hard-charging Democrat has filed, Mary Margaret Maule.

There are GOP six candidates running there.  None were involved in the secret meeting.

The only one who voted for the tax hike who is running for re-election is Sue Draftcorn.

= = = = =

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  1. thanks Cal for clarifying the wording on the ballot, that just because 4 people are to be elected, the voter can vote for ONE, TWO, THREE, OR FOUR candidates.

    No reason for anyone to vote for MORE than the candidate, or candidates, of their choice.

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