The Cost to Local School Districts of Democrats’ Plan to Shift Who Pays Teacher’s Pensions

The Downstate Teachers Retirement System logo says, "Retirement Security for Educators."

Here’s how much the Democrats teacher pension payment shifting plan will cost McHenry County taxpayers:

Nippersink School District 2   $6,426,544.26
Fox River Grove CSD 3                2,957,690.47
Johnsburg CUSD 12                   12,905,616.00
McHenry CCSD 15                        21,799,110.51
Riley CCSD 18                                 1,540,489.81
Alden Hebron SD 19                      2,362,422.73
Cary CCSD 26                                13,393,572.90
Harrison School District 36          1,8419,44.57
Prairie Grove CSD 46                      527,0855.16
Crystal Lake CCSD 47                 41,022,943.64
Harvard CUSD 50                          9,992,328.99
Marengo CHSD 154                         456,6891.59
Community HSD 155                   46,971,492.57
McHenry CHSD 156                     14,307,461.66
Richmond Burton HSCD 157       4,293,500.77
Huntley CSD 158                            37,778,116.01
Marengo-Union ECSD 165             417,9408.47
Woodstock CUSD 200                  31,476,784.34
Community USD  300                 89,501,804.05

I thought it deserved being put in an article all of its own, although I published it yesterday as well.

If you are not in this list, you can find the cost to your local school district’s taxpayers here.

Logic is on the side of the Chicago Democrats making this proposal.

Perhaps because the Illinois General Assembly was malapportioned until at least the last 1950’s, Downstate politicians controlled everything.

It is not unlikely that they decided that Chicago’s teachers’ pension fund should be financed with local property taxes, while deciding that tax burden for everyone else would be borne by state taxpayers.


The Cost to Local School Districts of Democrats’ Plan to Shift Who Pays Teacher’s Pensions — 2 Comments

  1. Are these pension costs or simply the total salaries reported to TRS by each district for a year?

    The reference on the linked page is to Earnings.

    I don’t see an indication of pension cost anywhere.

    Please advise.

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