Where Illegal Emails Can Lead

January 26, 2012, article in the Milwaukee Journal-Standard expounds on the use of a secret email system for political purposes.

Geneva, Illinois, is not Milwaukee County.

But both local governmental entities have email improprieties.

The one in Milwaukee has gone criminal.

The probe by state prosecutors in Wisconsin is of the administration of now-Republican Governor Scott Walker.

The problem in Geneva has to do with the chief executive, Kevin Burns, using his mayoral email account, instead of his campaign account.

Burns is running against Chris Lauzen for Kane County Board Chairman.

So far, there is no indication of any criminal investigation of Burns’ used of his government email account for political purposes.

And, if my email article wasn’t enough for you, here is one written by Denise Crosby of the Aurora Beacon-News.

She describes the emails as a “sophomoric email exchange,” observing, “Lauzen was called a few choice names in some of the exchanges (s.o.b., holier than thou, fraud and a few others not so mentionable); as was Congressman Randy (‘that weasel’) Hultgren, whose endorsement of Lauzen didn’t set too well with these GOP movers and shakers.”

Burns countered by saying that Lauzen was under investigation by the FBI for legislative scholarship naughtiness’s, which Lauzen denied and the FBI, of course, refused to comment upon.

In any event, if you enjoyed the first article, you won’t want to miss this one.

The Daily Herald has a story, as does the Kane County Chronicle, a sister paper of the Northwest Herald, which is giving minimal attention to the State Senate race between Karen McConnauhay and Cliff Surges.

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