Three Town Hall Meetings for Joe Walsh This Weekend – Palatine, Elk Grove Village & Villa Park

Joe Walsh

An email from Congressman Joe Walsh:

Dear Friends,

This past week I have been busy

  • meeting with constituents,
  • touring small businesses and
  • speaking with folks

across the District, all in an effort to better understand the impact recent events in Washington are having on families and businesses here in Illinois.

Every day, I am constantly encouraged by what I see and hear; we all want to hand on to our children and grandchildren an America where they’re able to succeed and follow their dreams.

However, there is a good deal of concern that this American Dream is slipping away.  I want to re-invigorate America and, with your help, I know it can be done.

With that in mind, I would like to invite you to join me as I hold three Town Hall meetings this weekend.  While I am very outspoken, I believe the most important part of my job is knowing what people here think.

I hope you can join me for one of these events.  But, if I don’t have the opportunity to see you over the weekend, I look forward to visiting with you soon.


Joe Walsh, Congressman (IL-8)

Saturday, February 25th

1:30 – 3PM
The Cotillion Banquet Facility
360 South Creekside Drive, Palatine
(Please click here to view a map of the location)

3:30 – 5PM
Elk Grove Village VFW Hall
400 East Devon Avenue, Elk Grove Village
(Please click here to view a map of the location)

Sunday, February 26th

2:30 – 4PM
The Community Recreation Building
320 East Wildwood Street, Villa Park
(Please click here to view a map of the location)

For more information, please visit or call (815) 893-0702


Three Town Hall Meetings for Joe Walsh This Weekend – Palatine, Elk Grove Village & Villa Park — 4 Comments

  1. It’s nice to see Congressman Walsh get out and actually see what the real world is dealing with each day, but I always wonder what happens with all of the information that the Congressman obtains from all of these Town Hall Meetings.

  2. I’ll say one thing about the redistricting — it now gives Joe more voters to yell at!

  3. What does Mr Walsh do with the info he gathers from the town meetings???

    He goes back to D.C. and convers with the rest of the TEA PARTY BIGGIES and does what they want. These town halls are a farce!!!

    He puts his face out there to think he will become popular .

    Just ask your self this…what has the repubs done for the 99% in the last 10 years??? 00000000.!!!!

    Oh he voted fro the last tax bill [under presure from the speaker of the house] but they snuck in the uemployment thing and guess who is going to pay for it??

    The increase in federal and postal employees reriement contribution!!Ha Ha surprised ???

    Read the house bill and you will see for yourself…so go figure

  4. Even though Rep Walsh still represents McHenry, because it is no longer part of the district in which he is running for re-election, he longer cares about holding town halls here.

    Further, Randy Hultgren, who is now running for the new district that includes McHenry, does not care for citizen input from McHenry.

    These guys are always running for re-election–nothing else.

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