Mailing from Karen McConnaghay Arrives on Thursday

The snow being plowed off Lake Avenue packed a real punch.

As the snow storm was starting I got a call that a mailing had arrived from State Senate candidate Karen McConnaughay.

Since my southern precinct line is the bottom boundary of the legislative district in which State Senator Pam Althoff and State Rep. candidate Barb Wheeler are running unopposed, my mailbox is empty.

No contest exists in my party of Crystal Lake, except the District 2 County Board race and the Presidential primary election (beauty contest and the real thing, the election for delegates).

No political mail.

(And, if any came Friday, my motorized postman didn’t get out to stuff it into my mailbox, which had been thrust into the snow by the heavy wet snow being thrown from Lake Avenue in Lakewood.

(Just finished lugging concrete blocks through the snow from the far end of our back yard in order to make it stand up again.)

In any event, I urged my source to bring it over before the storm began and it is because of that kindness that you see the post card below:

On the address side of Karen McConnaghay's post card is an endorsement from Congressman Peter Roskam. Roskam represents no part of the district currently, but will be be elected, pending an upset greater than Joe Walsh's beating Melissa Bean, this fall.

The back of McConnaughay's mailing stresses the theme "Dedicated to Sering Others." Click to enlarge.

Running against McConnaughay for the State Senate seat is Cliff Surges.


Mailing from Karen McConnaghay Arrives on Thursday — 2 Comments

  1. I have a great deal of respect for Senator Roskam since I moved not long ago from DuPage.

    But he is so wrong on this endorsement.

    Lets take a couple examples of “serving others.”

    Giving an RTA position to your campaign chairman, who was quietly replaced recently.

    Political reporters getting contracts, campaign staff BF getting co job.

    It the others that are being served are her friends this piece would be accurate.

  2. Follow – your are so right. This woman is the “elephant” choice and a bad one.

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