Is Roger Eddy Heading to Taxeater Heaven?

Double-dipping State Rep. and School Superintendent Roger Eddy has an offer to go to taxeater heaven.

Frireworks in Northern Illinois prompted by a hoped for resignation in Southern Illinois.

The tax hiking advocate and transparency opponent has released a statement which I found in the Decatur Herald-Review via a link from Dave Diersen’s GOPUSA Illinois which you see below:

“The (Illinois Association of School Boards) has asked me to serve as their new executive director beginning on July 1. While final details regarding the position have not been resolved, I do expect them to finalize soon, and as a result I am suspending my champaign for state representative effective immediately.”

It’s time for fireworks for those who are on the taxpayers’ side of the equation.

How important is this race?

Tom Cross thinks it is important enough to tell contributors to Eddy’s opponent that they will be “persona non grata” in his office.

That’s what I’ve been told anyway.

Eddy seems to have replaced Bill Black as Spokesman for Republicans in House debates.

This is a man who has received $60,000 from the Illinois Eduction Association during his current campaign.

Other taxeaters contributing include

  • $12,000 – Illinois Federation of Teachers
  • $5,000 – University Professionals of Illinois AFT AFL-CIO PAC
  • $3,000 – Illinois School Administrators
  • $2,500 – Illinois Retired Teachers Association
  • $1,000 – Citizens for Jim Edgar
  • $500 – The Illinois Alliance of Administrators of Special Education

Eddy is being challenged by Republicans Kevin Garner of Toledo and Brad Halbrook of Shebyville.

Garnger had $269 at the end of December.

Halbrook’s first Illinois State Board of Elections filing was for $20,000 from the We Mean Business PAC, followed by $5,000 from For the Good of Illinois, $10,000 from Pioneer Oil’s Mr. and Mrs. Don Jones, $2,000 from Eagle Forum Illinois State PAC, $3,000 from Adam Andrzejewski, $1,000 from Unique Home Properties, and $1,000 from Deborah Dunn.

= = = = =
The current Chief Executive, Michael D. Johnson, retired, as far as the Teachers Retirement System is concerned, in 2008. His last contribution to TRS was $30,141 in the 2007-2008 school year based on reportable earnings of $320,656.


Is Roger Eddy Heading to Taxeater Heaven? — 2 Comments

  1. Rep. Cross is now slated to appear at a fundraiser for Brad Halbrook this Friday evening. That was quick! I think that’s what the pundits at the national level are calling a “pivot” these days, and deftly done!

    In any case, the taxpayers are in line to benefit from this blockbuster bit of news. For those following IL House races, this is about as big as it gets.

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