How Big a Raise Will State Rep. Roger Eddy Get?

Roger Eddy

Double-dipping State Rep. Roger Eddy is due to jump from salaries for being in the General Assembly, plus being a school superintendent to that of the CEO of the Illinois Association of School Boards.

There, he will continue to be able to participate in the Downstate Teachers Retirement Fund, credits from which he will be able to transfer to the General Assembly Retirement when he retires.

The current IASB Executive, Michael D. Johnson, retired, as far as the Teachers Retirement System is concerned, in 2008. His last contribution to TRS was $30,141 in the 2007-2008 school year based on reportable earnings of $320,656.

So, figure he has 31 years or so in the TRS.

He’s 51 years old.

Currently he earns $283,520 per year, according to Adam Andrzejewski’s research.

So, you figure that a man with Eddy’s ability to milk public cash cows would not even think about leaving his two public jobs unless he would get a raise.

Unless he thought he was about to lose one of those public jobs in a contested Republican primary election.

In the Illinois Manufacturers Association poll, however, he was ahead 52-9-6.

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Photo credit: Statehouse News Service.

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