Illinois Abortion Facility Inspection Update – Part 2

This is a continuation of a summary of inspections made of Illinois abortion clinics by a friend of McHenry County Blog:

ACU Health Center, Hinsdale

On 5/24/11 a nursing survey was done. Relatively few problems were found.

Clinical records lacked post counseling notes. This was true of virtually all the clinics.

The ORs had not been totally cleaned at the end of the day ( called “terminal cleaning”.  At this point the room should be spotless and ready for the next day’s surgical patients) – there was tape on the IV pole that should have been removed. There was dust and brown stains on the suction machine.

The plan of corrections included a post counseling form and assigning the nurse supervisor to monitor terminal (end of day) cleaning. I have not received a resurvey at this time. I don’t know if there will be one because the problems were few.

On 7/12/11 a Life Safety Survey was done. There were multiple deficiencies found, but by 10/28/11 they had all been corrected and the clinic passed inspection.

The deficiencies were related to emergency and exit lighting, fire alarm system, sprinkler maintenance, fire extinguishers, electrical wiring, and storage of equipment in the main OR corridor.

This clinic shows that the standards of PTSCs are not impossible to reach and that regular inspection imposes a reasonable burden yet improves safety for all concerned.

AAnchor Health Center, Glen Ellyn

On 5/4/11 and 5/5/11 a nursing survey was done. There were several violations found.

There was no job description for circulating nurse (the nurse in the OR)

The autoclave was not tested 3 of 9 weeks in March and April. The testing of the autoclave is important because it is used to sterilize the instruments that are used and reused on subsequent patients. There is more about this under NIWC, below.

There were no post counseling notes found in any of the patient charts.

The clinic’s response was to submit a job description (not specific to the clinic, as it refers to patients as “he or she”), reprimand the autoclave person and have an inservice on the importance of spore testing of the autoclave, and submit a form for post-counseling. I have not received a resurvey at this time. IDPH may have accepted the forms as sufficient.

On 7/13/11 a Life Safety Survey was done. Multiple violations were found, but by 12/20/11 the clinic was found to be in compliance.

Violations included a need for fire resistant walls in hazardous areas, problems with the fire alarm system, dampers, and the fire alarm panel.

Again, this clinic shows that regular PTSC inspection is not burdensome while it assures a minimum standard of care, which patients have a right to expect.

More tomorrow.


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