ALAW Makes 14 McHenry County Board Endorsements

The Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water has issued its recommendations for the McHenry County Board.  McHenry County Blog is in the process of publishing all of the candidate questionnaires that were turned in.  Not all candidates chose to do so.  The ALAW press release follows:

ALAW County Board Candidate Recommendations

The Alliance for Land Agriculture and Water (ALAW) is pleased to announce its recommended candidates for McHenry County Board in the upcoming primary election March 20, 2012.

Republican Party Candidates

Democratic Party Candidates

Green Party Candidate

  • District 5: Frank Wedig

Each of these candidates has expressed an understanding of the impact of land use decisions and transparency on the preservation of land, agricultural and water resources. A total of 25 candidates returned the survey, available at the Alliance web site.

Also available on the site are summary sheets for each recommended candidate that include the candidate’s photograph and position on selected environmental questions.

The Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water was formed in 2006 as a response to citizen concerns with the proposed 2020 McHenry County Land Use Plan.

Since then, ALAW has continued to advocate for preservation of open space, agricultural lands and water resources through many programs including

  • the campaign for the Kishwaukee Valley Water Authority,
  • the Addendum to the Economic Interest Statement for county officials,
  • participation in the county’s 2030 Land Use Planning process, and
  • a Candidates Survey to identify and recommend environmentally aware candidates at each county election.

More information about ALAW is available on our web site:

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The Democratic and Green Party candidates have no primary opposition.

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