Dave McSweeney Knocks on Doors in Unincorporated Algonquin Subdivision

A friend of mine in an unincorporated subdivision with an Algonquin address shares his mail and other campaign contacts with me.

Sunday, he said that Dave McSweeney knocked on his door.

He also got a letter of introduction from Congressman Peter Roskam, who has been redistricted into Algonquin Township, which runs to the street that is west of our home in Lakewood.  (The northern boundary is Crystal Lake Avenue.)

A post card from candidate Danielle Rowe arrived in his mailbox.

In addition, a letter from State Rep. Kent Gaffney arrived with a list of endorsements on the back (most of them can be found here ).  They were mainly in his legislative district, but some were from Barb Wheeler’s and Jack Franks’ districts.  Enclosed was Gaffney’s palm card and a volunteer post card.

The letter said it was being sent to those with whom his phone bankers had left a message.

That must have been one of “lots of phone calls” my friend received during the week.

But back to the candidate sighting.

McSweeney left a palm card with a personal touch.

It had a Post-It note saying, “Sorry I missed you.”

Handwritten, as you can see.

I did the same thing when I ran for McHenry County Treasurer in 1966 and State Rep. in 1972.

The only difference is that I put “Cal” under the message.

= = = = =

I’m still waiting for the Gaffney and McSweeney campaigns to send some photos of their men knocking on doors.  Rowe sent them last week.

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