Karen McConnaughay and Ken Koehler Team Up in Door-to-Door Effort

I went over to the McHenry County Republican Headquarters and found my and my father’s old office in the tip of the V at the Crystal Lake Plaza had been opened up.

The metal roof that used to cover the sidewalks in the "V" of the Crystal Lake Plaza is gone, replaced with a more inviting open look.

I went in to get some Peter Roskam bags into which I’ll stuff the literature from the District 2 McHenry County Board candidates.¬† (See “Northwest Herald Turns Up the Heat on Three Crystal Lake County Board Members Who Voted to Maximize Tax Bill.”)

If you are a Republican candidate for office and can't see your sign in this photo, you might want to take your sign over to Crystal Lake's Republican Headquarters. (Not that there is much sidewalk traffic.) Five of the eleven signs are for candidates not on the McHenry County ballot this year. Can you name them?

I found people getting ready to go door-to-door with a door knob hanger featuring State Senate candidate Karen McConnaughay and County Board Chairman Ken Koehler.

The mini-rally was over and door-to-door assignments were being made when I walked in the door.

There were mainly members of the McHenry County Young Republicans.

They had been recruited to blitz precincts for State Senate candidate Karen McConnaughay and Ken Koehler, who is running for re-election to the McHenry County Board.

The goal is to cover the 25 overlapping precincts, mainly in Crystal Lake and Lake in the Hills with the campaign piece  you see below:

Paid for by the Karen McConnaughay campaign for State Senate, this side of the joint door knob hanger mainly promotes McConnauhay--a winning team...that have improved the quality of life.

Same theme on the Ken Koehler side of the door-to-door piece...promoting "fiscal accountability, cooperation and respnosible governance."

McConnaughay, having given a pep talk, off to a similar gathering in Huntley.


Karen McConnaughay and Ken Koehler Team Up in Door-to-Door Effort — 9 Comments

  1. Sorry I missed them, found the door hanger when we got home.

    This has cinched my vote for Surges.

    McConnaughey teaming up with one of the sources of closed government in McHenry County (along with Nygren, Tryon, Jourdan and Gordie Graham), there is no way she can properly represent us.

    I may not like Surges tax practice and I am tired of the Tea Party thinking its the only source of patriotism in America.

    But given with whom she is allied, I admit switching candidates and support Surges.

    Boy am I disappointed in her.

    Time to talk to the neighbors.

  2. Have you ever noticed the bums that hang out in political circles trying to impress the royalty?

  3. Paul,

    You and the people that love McHenry County are right not to support Karen McConnaughay. She is the ultimate insider having little interest in doing anything but feathering the nest of her political pals.

    Word is she has no interest in remaining in the Senate seat. She is moving on and using McHenry’s lack of knowledge about her as a springboard to higher office.

    Paul, if you have any influence (and we are sure you do) take the rest of the time left and let everyone you know begin to work with her opponent.

    Save your county before it is too late.

  4. Good going Paul.

    Have many friends in Kane county and they like her about as much as we like Ken K.

    She has done everything and more of what we are disgusted with. Lots of Surges signs once you get over into Kane.

    She is trying to re-invent herself here and hoping McHenry County can make up for the votes she will not get in Kane.

    She was chosen by the “good ole boys” as the candidate and they are shoving her down our throats.

    Give Surges a call or meet up with him.

    Very likable and has very good ideas.

    Solid family man.

    Might like to know that one of her ex husbands is working for Surges.

    People in Kane Cty are not at all surprised.

    Contact him at 224-699-5200 — Get a sign folks.

  5. Both candidates, BIG disapointments……..Should withdraw if they had a conscience.

  6. Looking at the ‘Robotic’ like photo of Karen McConnaughay, I cannot get past her true ‘face’ that she showed via this email;


    Looking at he Door Hanger, I’m picturing behind that phoney, stiff smile, one of those all metal “Robotic” creatures who are ‘programmed’ to say anything, then, taken back into the ‘shop’ and re-programmed again for the next issue.

    Cal’s posting of her desire to “Bash” others is compelling.

    Don’t let that “Barbie Doll” appearance fool you voters! She has shown her B@ll$ and claws and her “Gang” mentality!

  7. Not voting for her.

    On another topic….

    Why is Nygren’s sign in the window?

    What is wrong with that guy?

    What is wrong with all of us for letting him stay in office?

  8. the media is shoving this woman down voters throats.

    spread the word and beat the hundreds of thousands of dollars the insiders are using to put this lady in office.

    go to her office in kane county and see that the queen of kane that runs an open government (a joke) has only certain people buzzed in to see her.

    since she has her paid gold coast guru around to monitor this site watch her take the buzzer out tomorrow. kane county taxpayers will pay for it of course.

    ask any board member she does not control. they will tell you the truth.

    save yourselves McHenry county. vote surges.

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