Seipler’s FOP Attorney Writes Nygren’s after His Second Supreme Court Loss

This letter, dated Feb. 24, 2012, was sent to McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren's lawyer

What happens after your boss goes to the Illinois Supreme Court trying to overturn

  1. an arbitrator’s decision siding with you in your boss’ having fired you ande
  2. a Circuit Judge’s decision in an administrative review hearing that the arbitrator was correct and
  3. an Appellate Court panel’s affirming the Circuit Court Judge’s decision and
  4. and the Supreme Court says, “We’re not interested in hearing this case” and
  5. the Supreme Court denies the boss’ request for a re-hearing

That’s the question that comes to mind.

One of the things is that your attorney writes the boss’ attorney a letter such as you see above.

“The union now seeks to enforce the Arbitrator’s Opinion and Award in this case.

“The union hereby demands the grievant’s immediate reinstatement.

“Also please contact me to discuss the schedule for compliance with the other aspects of the make-whole remedy.”

When will McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren’s attorney John H. Kelly reply to John R. Roach, Jr., former and future Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler’s attorney?


Seipler’s FOP Attorney Writes Nygren’s after His Second Supreme Court Loss — 8 Comments

  1. Nygren will drag this out and cost us more money.

    Kelly does not work for nothing.

    Nygren knew he could not win this, it was a false firing.

    He does not care, we pay for his vindictive nature.

  2. Zane in the end you will thank Nygren. Think of all this as a long PAID vacation away from the likes of the criminals you had to work with.

    (Some are soon going off to jail even)

    Soon you’re going to be laughing all the way to the bank. What’s the back pay up to now Zane?

    How many Hundreds of Thousands was that again….? IM sorry I didn’t hear you, did you say “Hundreds of Thousands” and you didn’t have to get your work shirt dirty in years.

    I’d say Sheriff Nygren is your newest bestists bud!!!

    How many other Deputies will have “Hundreds of Thousands” of dollars saved even after they worked 20 years…. Here you Zane are going to get a whopper check for staying home…after working just four years, is that about the right math?

    God, I love how they “Git R Done” out there in McCorney County!!! YeHAW!

    Here is another jar of “VASO” tax payers!! And we’re keep’n the shelf fully stocked because more is com’n!

  3. PoliticianNot: I think Zane would have preferred to have earned his salary and not had his reputation sullied with crap posts such as yours.

    The amount of back pay is not Zane’s to decide, that has been decided in the appropriate venues.

    The people who should be held accountable are McHenry County’s own Boss Hogg and his enabler, Chairman Neckbeard.

    I don’t see what Zane did that has the hatemongers so fired up.

  4. Thank you Paul….

    I believe you have vastly misunderstood the intent of my posting. Which, is not hard to do via this modem of communication.

    I happen to know Zane very well and well know what he would have ‘rather’ had happened. But it didn’t go down that way.. and yes I believe I am correct…. How many retired Deputies have 300,000 or so in their checking accounts??

    My Intent was to show that the man you name call as Boss Hogg, really screwed up! Thus rightly so, Zane and his family are entitled to the ‘back pay,’ as MANDADATED by the Union agreement and the courts order.

    I do not see where I once mentioned that the money Zane deserves has been demanded by Zane personally. You correctly state and I am well advised of the law governing that issue.

    Thank you.

    PS. Im glad you’ve become the new Cal’s blog police. You do nothing but name call, “Boss Hogg and Neck Beard”

    Grow up Paul. Bash all you want, but the ‘name calling’ is beneath you!

  5. I guess I could refer to the Chairman as “Chairman Conflict of Interest”.

    I still think Boss Hogg is a valid comparison though.

    As far as “blog police”, if it means standing up against something I think is unfair, then take your shots. Wrong is wrong and if I think something is unfair, then I’m going to say something.

    Referring to Mr. Seipler’s “back pay”, I will acknowledge that you had no malicious intent in that comment.

    I would suggest that Zane’s family has had to sacrifice a great deal during this time period and whatever back pay there is certainly is deserved.

    That’s one thing the internet haters (McHenry County machine aside, I am not a hater) who rip on Zane about don’t ever acknowledge is the sacrifice made by he and his family, what they have gone through during this time.

  6. Let’s face it. NYGREN IS THE PROBLEM. The media (NWH, DH) and even “neckbeard” try to make Zane the problem. Why isn’t the county board holding Nygren responsible for all these expenses on a losing battle? It is our tax money.

  7. I’m sure Seipler is just thankful that the people commenting even care about the hardships he and his family endured, all because he questioned the behavior of his coworkers on an issue as sensitive as racial profiling. (Turns out racial profiling was just the tip of the iceberg.)

    He probably would agree with everyone here and is sorry that the taxpayer is the one footing the bills.

    It’s too bad that the Sheriff is who he is and McHenry County continues to support this man and his new sidekick.

    Our next Sheriff has to be a person of integrity not a bigoted, money crazed, bully who will do anything for a buck and lie through his teeth with a smile and a wink.

  8. Agree and Agree….!

    Sometimes the Wheels of Justice turn very, very slowly. But, it does not mean they are not turning.

    I think most fair minded people and anybody who has read the blogs over the past 2 years, has seen the evidence and Zane is correct on all terms.

    The courts have just proved this point.

    Mr. Koehler has shown zero leadership and if I felt it would trump what I know is around the corner for some of these men to call them names, I would as well.

    Hang tight, and let’s see where the chips fall and who they might fall upon!

    Good day to all! Thank you.

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