Gaffney Goes with Endorsements in Mailing

Time will tell if voters are impressed with endorsements of current politicians.

There is some indication that other candidates are listing theirs.

In any event, the following mailing was sent out by State Rep. Kent Gaffney late last week:

While Gaffney did not receive the Northwest Herald's endorsement, he did get that of the Daily Herald.

The back of the endorsement piece represents those of established politicians and some statewide groups. Click to enlarge.

Gaffney is opposed by Danielle Rowe and David McSweeney.


Gaffney Goes with Endorsements in Mailing — 2 Comments

  1. Doesn’t matter who they run. GOP/TEA Parties are being exposed as nothing more than Shills and Puppets of ALEC, the USCC, Big Oil, Pharma, Insurance and the Koch Brothers.

    They protect the wealth of the 1% and propose lower taxes on Billionaires and Corporations, No Environmental or Wall Street Regulations, Destruction of the Middle Class through Union Busting, voter disenfranchisement and Abolishing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

    They want to repeal the Affordable Care Act which is good for everyone but Insurance industry (Don’t believe the Lies of Fox News and Karl Rove) THEY MUST ALL BE VOTED OUT IN NOVEMBER!

    We need a more Progressive not Regressive Government.

    A Government for and by the 99% Not by the Corporations!!

    Tea Party constituents who are Duped and Brainwashed by Fox News, Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute and Americans for Prosperity actually vote against their own economic, environmental and health care interests.

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