Who’s Afraid of Danielle Rowe?

A press release from State Rep. candidate Danielle Rowe brings that question to my mind.  Is is opponent State Rep. Kent Gaffney or David McSweeney who doesn’t want Rowe’s name to be seen?


ISLAND LAKE – In the latest Chicago-style intimidation tactics used against tea party conservative Republican candidate for State Representative Danielle Rowe, Rowe’s billboards have disappeared from multiple locations throughout the district.

The billboards were 4 feet tall by 8 feet wide, solidly constructed on sheets of plywood, pegged into steel poles, pounded down two feet into the ground, and valued between $1500 and $2000.  They are not to be mistaken for paper signs on wire hangers commonly found on the side of the road.

A report has been filed with the Wauconda, Island Lake and North Barrington police departments. Rowe billboards were reported as stolen from Rand Road/Route 12 & Bonner Road in Wauconda, Roberts Road in Island Lake, and Route 59 & Route 22 in North Barrington.

Wauconda small business owner Kevin Kennebeck had a billboard stolen from his private property.  Kennebeck, the owner of Performance Paving, put up one billboard in Island Lake last Sunday and it was gone the next day.  Another billboard went missing last Tuesday.  When asked if he thought this was a planned and coordinated effort to remove the billboards Kennebeck responded, “Most definitely. They would have needed post pullers to take these billboards out.”

Rowe Billboard Febuary 18

Danielle Rowe billboard on Bonner Road on February 18th.

Missing Rowe Billboard

Danielle Rowe's billboard on Bonner Road went AWOL on March 1st.

Republican leader Brent Smith was one of the many concerned citizens who alerted the campaign that Danielle Rowe’s billboards were missing.

“In addition to being the Chairman of the Nunda Township Republican Party, I am a worker for many campaigns.  I do police everybody’s Republican signs.  I think it’s wrong.”

Danielle Rowe said, “I have run a positive campaign based around the issues that affect people’s lives. I am focused on taking our state back and someone else is focused on taking my signs.

“Local business owners and taxpayers who are working hard to build a thriving community have donated their time and money to support my campaign.  To have the fruits of their labor taken away from them in this way is the sad part.”

Rowe is unfazed by these bullying tactics.

“I am ready to fight the political establishment and represent people who work hard and play by the rules, only to fund a government that doesn’t,” Rowe said.

“I will remain focused on repealing the Chicago Democrats’ tax increase, reforming public sector pensions, stopping runaway spending and borrowing and restoring a business climate that creates jobs.”

Rowe believes the best way for people to express their outrage over these tactics is to vote.  “We need citizen legislators who will serve and represent the people in Springfield.  We need to send a message that we have had enough of the political establishment,” Rowe said.

“I encourage the people of the 52nd District to vote now at an early voting center through March 15 or come out to vote on Election Day, March 20.  We need a revolution and we need to take our state back.”

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As I have mentioned previously, I witnessed two young men taking down a 4 by 8-foot sign on Route 14 between Barrington and Inverness during a raging rain storm.  The sign had been put up by Mike Salvi, who was running against incumbent State Rep.  Verna Clayton.


Who’s Afraid of Danielle Rowe? — 11 Comments

  1. I see it is possible the missing sign would have been a real bad hazard to drivers trying to pull out of the driveway?

    Appears the sign was not well thought out in it’s placement right next to an opening driveway?

    Just a guess based upon the photos as shown.

    I would have respectfully called her campaign and politely told Ms. Rowe where she could pick her signs up from after they were taken down due to driver’s hazard of blocking vehicle view.

    There is certainly a learning curve to all this for new candidates!!

  2. Agreed, sign “stealing” has been a bad practice in several past elections. interesting how some people want to characterize themselves as the white knight, “policing everybody’s Republican signs.” he must not have been on duty during some past, hotly contested elections, where 4 x 4x, posted with permission, and anchored with r-bars, posts,etc. went down or were MIA.

  3. Nice try, PoliticianNot. The sign was taken off of a local business owner’s private property. It was not safety hazard and it was not removed by the township.

    What’s your explanation for the other two billboards that were stolen in other towns?

  4. Jeff, please don’t misunderstand me, I certainly would never condone stealing anybody’s signs.

    But, looking at the pictures posted by Cal, CLEARLY it appears the one sign is blocking vision from the driveway to the right of where the sign WAS.

    Also, and somebody correct me if Im wrong, if you look at the yellow flags close to the ground where Ms. Rowes sign WAS, that is not any business owners property is it?

    Isn’t there an “Easement” for power and utilities? Although the business owner may mow the area, I think there is a statutory ‘setback’ from the property line.

    I see the state has its traffic signs posted in line with where the sign WAS?

    That’s all Im asking……From looking at the photos and knowing a person cannot block traffic flow view nor put up signage on Utility Easements.

    As to what happened to Ms. Rowes other signs, I cannot respond to that I have no idea and would hate to think it was theft.

    Perhaps they too may have been placed incorrectly, or, as the story alleges, the signs in fact were stolen.

    If so, that is not only wrong, its cowardly!

    Maybe somebody else has an opinion of what the photos show in relation to the traffic flow and issues mentioned above?


  5. Are you sure the high winds and heavy snow isn’t to blame?

    It’s supposed to be 55 degrees tomorrow and rain later this week hopefully they turn up soon.

    Either way I hate to hear this happened to a candidate I like.

    Good luck Danielle!

  6. Cal writes “Who’s Afraid of Danielle Rowe?”

    I bet Danielle’s sister is afraid . . . VERY, VERY afraid.

    From the Daily Herald “According to the 2001 court complaint, Island Lake police arrested Rowe for domestic battery for intentionally causing bodily harm to her sister. It said she “choked, pushed and slapped” her in the face and neck.” The Rowe FORGETS to disclose her arrest record. Sounds like the makings of a great Tea Party Candidate.

    Joe Walsh FORGETS to pay child support for offspring. Danielle forgets she got arrested. Cal forgets for do a story about Rowes memory and writes about Rowe’s missing political signs. This McBlog is not a “NO SPIN ZONE”!


  7. Clearly Ms. Rowe is apparently not that intelligent to know that this goes on at every election?

    People take down other candidates signs she, acts like hers is the only one who’s ever been stolen.

    Or that people on her campaign are not doing the same thing. she’s going to whine like a baby get over it thats what happens when you run a campaign.

    You have no experience, no education, & a arrest record that something you should be worrying about.

    Or maybe the 4% your polling at Your no threat to McSweeney he doesn’t have to resort to taking down your signs he’s going to swamp you the right way.

  8. LuvinLinda; I read the article, she slapped her sister.

    eally? News flash: Siblings fight; then make up.

    It’s hardly a big deal.

    According to the article she did disclose it, just didn’t know the technicalities of the record keeping.

  9. Who is scared of Danielle Rowe? a

    re you kidding me is this lady for real?

    She is going to make this big of a deal over stolen Yard signs.

    Which, we all know every candidate who has ever had run a race had to deal with some form of malicious attack.

    The only difference between them and her they were more qualified and at least had an education to back it up. No one in their right mind is going to put her in office being under qualified and with an arrest record.

    she must be drinking her bath water.

    The only endorsment she got was from Winsconsin the rest was from the boards Proft was on or the party he is affiliated with gave her an endorsement.

    We all know Proft got his nose up in this why she is going to lose and he can put another loss on his resume.

    she should investigate in Profts background before she gripes about yard signs.

    but that would take work..

  10. I’m voting for her.

    McSweeney and Gaffney are both big money big government establishment go along stooges.

    Rowe is one of a very short group of Republicans you don’t have to hold your nose to vote for.

    If you feel that you have to hold your nose to vote, just don’t vote, just stay home.

  11. Doesn’t matter who they run.

    The GOP/TEA Parties are being exposed as nothing more than Shills and Puppets of ALEC, the USCC, Big Oil, Pharma, Insurance and the Koch Brothers.

    They protect the wealth of the 1% and propose lower taxes on Billionaires and Corporations, No Environmental or Wall Street Regulations, Destruction of the Middle Class through Union Busting, voter disenfranchisement and Abolishing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

    They want to repeal the Affordable Care Act which is good for everyone but Insurance industry (Don’t believe the Lies of Fox News and Karl Rove) THEY MUST ALL BE VOTED OUT IN NOVEMBER! We need a more Progressive not Regressive Government.

    A Government for and by the 99% Not by the Corporations!!

    Tea Party constituents who are Duped and Brainwashed by Fox News, Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute and Americans for Prosperity actually vote against their own economic, social, environmental and health care interests.

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