A Reader Offers Letter to the Editor re District 6 Candidacies

McHenry County Blog doesn’t get many letters, although the email address is on the left hand side of the page.

With the election coming, I figure others might like to follow the example of Huntley School District 158 resident Fred Macciocchi Sr. and weigh in with their opinions.

Here’s his Letter to the Editor:

Mike Skala

Shawn Green

If we want more tax-and-spend politicians, elect Skala and Green.Having attended several Dist 158 School Board meetings while these men were board members and/or board president, many interesting events occurred. It seems their wives, as employees of Dist. 158, got nice pay raises.

At the same time, residents of the District had to live with a tax increase for the schools that ultimately cost nearly twice the amount that has been suggested. After which several million dollars were found to have been “over-looked” in the lead-up to the referendum. Of course it was too late by then.

Just before that referendum passed, a video/audio tape was sent home with Huntley High School students. The tape was a form of “electioneering.”

These reflect only a few issues surrounding these men.

Now Skala and Green want to bring their leadership and oversight skills to McHenry County.  Don’t let this happen.

Fred Macciocchi Sr.


A Reader Offers Letter to the Editor re District 6 Candidacies — 4 Comments

  1. Green came on the board AFTER the referendum mess. Shawn Green helped clean house and turned the school district around!

  2. I did some digging on this, and it’s obvious Fred is putting some bizarre personal agenda ahead of the facts. Greens wife does work for the school office, but she’s non-union, doesn’t make much money, and has gotten very modest raises throughout her many years of service. Skala’s wife is a teacher and he recuses himself from union issues.

    My grandkids attend Huntley schools, and I follow the district closely. I can say without any reservations that Skala and Green are tremendous leaders and truly good men. I’ve either attended or watched via live internet stream just about every Huntley school board meeting for the last several years ( thank you Mr. Green for improving the district’s transparency by implementing the video broadcasting). I have never heard from the gentlemen who submitted this letter. So what’s the deal here Fred? Were you put up to it by other candidates who know they can’t beat Skala and Green on substantive issues?

  3. Hey Sun City “Hawk” why would anyone vote for someone who recuses himself from union matters in a school district …. aren’t those the most important issues …. why would you even start the job, if you were going to recuse yourself?

    Hmmmmm, lame.

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