Mike Skala Shares Campaign Literature

Here is the palm card for District 5 McHenry County Board candidate Mike Skala:

Mike Skala's palm card stresses that he is "a new voice" and his 14 years service on the Huntley District 158 School Board.

The first point on the back of Mike Skala's palm card is "fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets."

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Skala’s web site is here.


Mike Skala Shares Campaign Literature — 5 Comments

  1. Sometimes being a “nice” guy and building up supporters for the “nice” guy can get you elected over and over and over again.

    Hanging with other higher up politicians doesn’t hurt either.

    Being supported by teachers and a union wouldn’t hurt either.

    That’s a lot of connections to act as political soldiers on the street, and to provide numerous glowing letters to the papers.

    That’s politics for you no matter who is running.

    Mr. Skala, as a lonnnnnnng time board member, was apparently surprised by the tax issues that eventually led to a law that was hard fought for by many.

    It was eventually “discovered” that the district (then) wasn’t exactly broke, that the accounting procedures left a lot to be desired and so on.

    Then there’s the seeming lack of attention (for too too long) as far as Special Needs students were concerned. The report that eventually came out wasn’t exactly thrilling.

    To be fair, he wasn’t the only person on the board those many years.

    Things have changed because the public finally got an earful and a true picture of how things were or were not being done.

    It’s “funny” how certain things can come into the light when someone who is NOT affiliated with a school district (related to an employee for example) or education starts asking questions that long term board members or board presidents should have been on top of.

    The public also should be aware that being a school board member can be used as a stepping stone to higher, different positions.

    As to long terms – I’m not thrilled with that in Springfield or in DC or anywhere else for that matter.

    It can lead to the members being too comfy in many ways.

    Some start to act as if they are running their own personal business as opposed to the business of the people.

    It can lead to others being unwilling to run because of the mountain in the way of their winning or lack of impact and input if the same tight group gets in.

    I won’t be voting for him and I doubt he would vote for me.

    I’m fine with that.

    It doesn’t make either of us “bad” people, it just means we look at things a different way and I’m pretty much happy about that.

    If he gets elected, I hope things work out well for EVERYONE in McHenry County.

  2. Skala: The teacher’s union candidate for ANY elected office.

    Did nothing to help, only worsen an already hostile teacher/community atmosphere.

    Don’t vote for this guy.

    Loves those tax increases.

  3. Hey Greenlee: not sure where you get your supposed “facts”, but you better find a better source.

    Your info is “reaching” at best.

    If you’re going to post random musings, do your online reputation a favor and at least be close to the facts.

    Any cozy, fruit-basket loving, buddy of Linda Moore should and will be avoided like the plague.

  4. Is Paul Greenlee on someone’s payroll for putting out false information?

    Sure seems like it.

    And that first “anonymous” commenter?

    Anyone who is familiar with Huntley area politics knows that’s none other than a former school board member who used to go by the nom de plume “cassandra the good.”

    You know, the well intentioned but clueless lady who is pals with the nincompoop in charge of Grafton Twp.

  5. I know Mike Skala.

    I want to start this out by stating that Skala is a hypocrite.

    He preaches good employee policy, that’s a lie.

    Mike is the most unproffessional person ive met when it comes to employment.

    I’m not much for politics so I’m not at motion to debate let alone care less if you vote for/against him.

    Seems though the last thing the county needs is another polition who tells us what we want to hear to get elected.

    Word of mouth is that the only reason he got RE elected on to the board after a little time off was because he was a better candidate of the two worst.

    I’m also reading letters to editors explaining that Mrs. Skala was awarded a nice little pay raise when he got onto the board.

    So i think overall that voting for this man would be a bad move….Because one thing i hate more then anything is watching someone get rewarded for something that isn’t deserved.

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