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Here’s a campaign technique I have seen no other candidate be bold enough to merchandise except through word of mouth.

Running against the Northwest Herald.

I have written previously about what Mary Alger is doing in relationship with her sign saying, “Not endorsed by the Northwest Herald.”

Now she is sending out a postcard with that same message:

Mary Alger’s “I’m not endorsed by the Northwest Herald” postcard.

While I was delivering campaign literature for all the District 2 County Board candidates in my precinct Sunday, I noticed all sorts of Northwest Heralds in plastic bags at the end of driveways.

In the other article, I pointed out that under one-third of the households in McHenry County subscribe to the Northwest Herald. I think sample copies were in more than one-third of the driveways of the homes I visited Sunday.

In any event, it’s an interesting approach. It would probably work if the McHenry County Board were elected on a proportional representation basis, but without the opportunity to cast the type of weighted vote allowed in a proportional representation election, I decline to make a prediction.

The address side of the post card follows:

Mary Alger stresses a balanced budget without tax increases, protecting private property, opposition to entitlements, and getting out of the way of job creators on the address side of her post card.

Here is her web site.


Northwest Herald – NOT — 10 Comments

  1. Seven more days and she will ride off in tot the sunset.

    Thankfully for her she is running in McHenry County because in Lake County her extremist views would be make her fodder for all kinds of fun

  2. Seven more days and Mary Alger will be one of four Republican candidates for McHenry County Board, ready to remind people why McHenry County is the greatest place to live in Illinois.

  3. Agree with Phil; when is being upfront and outspoken bad?

    Establishment doesn’t want people to know they can think for themselves and not be mis-guided by the NWH.

    Go gettum Mary!

  4. Seems to be a strange strategy.

    The NW Herald is one of the more conservative leaning papers you’ll find, and they have covered the tea party movement quite favorably

  5. This has nothing to do with the NW Hearald.

    She’s just mad that she didn’t get their approval so she retaliates by saying the media is skewed.

    Like sun city hawk says “The NW Herald is one of the more conservative leaning papers you’ll find, and they have covered the tea party movement quite favorably”

    Mary Alger claims to side with the tea party but I think you will find her views are more the left wing, wing nut.

    I dont know about the rest of you but I don’t want her representing me.

  6. NWH is bought and paid for by the Good Old Boys.

    Mary has openly challenged them on many occasions.

    Its not about conservative, its about political clout.

  7. Newspapers are businesses. Some have slants based on who owns the paper and some simply test the waters at the time to see what they should back or NOT back.

    Who are their advertisers, who is their competition and what mood are the people in who STILL read newspapers instead of getting their news elsewhere, etc…….?

    I remember local papers supporting several school district referendums.

    I guess they have now figured out that Joe and Mary taxpayer can’t afford them and are ticked off that the Education folks get salaries and benefits far above those who pay the taxes.

    It’s called reality which too many don’t seem to be living in.

  8. We need more tea party patriots representing us in Illinois!

    Keeping the politicians honest!

    Go Mary!

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