Shawn Green Makes Mailing in District 6

The following post card has been sent out by Coral Township’s Shawn Green in his campaign to make the final four in GOP primary returns in District 6:

Shawn Green's post card is, well, green. It emphasizes his endorsement by both the Daily and Northwest Heralds.

The back of Shawn Green's post card emphasizes putting taxpayers first.

Green’s web site is here.


Shawn Green Makes Mailing in District 6 — 6 Comments

  1. Go get ’em Mr. Green! Shawn is one of the only candidates in district 6 who isn’t either tied in with Linda Moore (Evertson and Schuster) or a democrat campaign donor (Brackman, McCann, and Aavang).

    Shawn Green helped fix the Huntley school district and he can do the same for the county.

  2. I think the teacher contracts at the time (when he had family who benefitted from this and failed to recuse himself) say otherwise.

    This is one of four board candidates to avoid (along with Skala, Walkup and Chairman Conflictofinterest).

  3. Once again Paul, your information is false.

    Green’s wife is not a teacher, she is a non-union employee.

    And yes, Green did recuse himself anytime issues regarding non-union employees came up.

    Paul, are you intentionally making false statements or are you just that uninformed?

  4. Any cozy, fruit-basket loving, buddy of Linda Moore should and will be avoided like the plague. Mr. Green definitely gets my vote!!!

    Hey Greenlee: not sure where you get your supposed “facts”, but you better find a better source. Your info is way off base. Mr Green’s wife isn’t even a teacher.

    If you’re going to post random musings, at least be close to the facts.

  5. Sun: I apologize for not better delineating between union and non-union.

    Needed to phrase that differently.

    Either way, there was a conflict.

    Sure, he recused himself.

    But do you seriously think that the other members of the board didn’t take his conflict/situation into account?


    That I stand by.

    And I also think that someone who is a public employee (even if not the same county/municipality) shouldn’t feed twice at the public trough.

    I heard that he will not take a full stipend from county board service, but again, public employees shouldn’t be in a position where they get more of a say on any issue than the public. However….if you tell me he’s going to stand up to Chairman Conflictofinterest, I may mellow a bit.

  6. Paul- based on a conversation I had with a former board member, as well as public HR documents I’ve seen in board packets, her salary was kept lower than it should have been in order to avoid any appearance of a conflict.

    Regarding Green being a public employee, he is a policeman for a department that has absolutely no connection with McHenry county.

    I am a retired Indiana Trooper myself, and I take offense to your “feeding at the trough” comment.

    Green straps on a gun and a bullet proof vest for a living.

    If his career is like most of ours was, he’s seen people with their heads blown off, tried to reassure a woman who’s just been raped, been physically attacked by a drug addict or drunk.

    Of course I’m biased, but it’s a noble profession underserving of being referred to as feeding at the public trough.

    Finally, as to your wondering about his willingness to stand up to Koehler, or anyone else for that matter, my observations over the last several years lead me to believe Shawn Green isn’t afraid to stand up to anyone!

    He’s about as straight a shooter as you’ll find, inside or outside of the political arena.

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