IEA Opposes Mike Tryon University Employee Tuition Waiver Termination Bill

State Rep. Mike Tryon (and others) have drawn the ire of state university employee union, the Illinois Education Association.

When the legislation in question originally passed, I remember thinking what a bad idea it was.

Why should kids of university employees get a 50% tuition waiver?

Tryon, Luis Arroyo, Rosemary Mulligan have all filed bills to get rid of the program, as you can se4e below:

The best argument the IEA lobbyists could come up with to retain the program is that it costs half the amount of legislative scholarships.


IEA Opposes Mike Tryon University Employee Tuition Waiver Termination Bill — 5 Comments

  1. Dear IEA:

    Don’t worry, he doesn’t really mean it. Never taken a tough stand when there is a political one to take instead. Besides, Illinois GOP is in the minority and this is meaningless.


    Free us from Tryon/Althoff

  2. PG,

    Little fact checking on your part and you would have seen that Tryon already voted for HB3873 in committee.

    Please see the IEA statement above for a synopsis of the bill.

    The short version tells me your lazy and would rather be proven wrong than admit that indeed your are wrong.

    But hey, your post was creative so at least you have that.

  3. Tuition waivers and legislative scholarships should be banned and I’m calling my State Senator and Rep to voice my opinion.

  4. I guess the IEA are full of morons if that is their justification to keep the unfair benefits.

    I already voiced my opinion against these scholarships to my representatives a couple of weeks ago…

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