NRA Endorses Karen McConnaughay

A press release from Karen McConnaughay:

McConnaughay earns NRA endorsement

Further solidifies support among Conservative leaders

Karen McConnaughay

St. Charles, IL—State Senate candidate Karen McConnaughay(R-33) has earned the endorsement of the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund, the campaign arm of the largest Second Amendment advocacy organization in the country.

McConnaughay, who currently serves as Chairman of the Kane County Board, is a staunch supporter of firearm owners’ rights and will advocate for reform of state laws that restrict the ability of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves, their families and their property.

“I am very pleased to have earned this endorsement,” said McConnaughay. “The protection of Second Amendment rights along with respect for traditional values, fiscal discipline and putting families first, are the foundation of my conservative beliefs.”

McConnaughay has also received the support of Tax Accountability, McHenry County Right to Life and numerous business advocacy organizations. The NRA Political Victory Fund endorsements are found at

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McConnaughay is running against Cliff Surges.


NRA Endorses Karen McConnaughay — 4 Comments

  1. Chairman McConnaughay has a current FOID card issued by the state of Illinois.

    Not that facts have been of much interest to her opponents.

  2. And when did she get the FOIA card? Could it be when she decided to run for the Senate?

    Did her kids get one at two and three too when she claims they were shooting guns in her backyard?!!!!!!!! Please.

    See here attached is the statement she made which her second ex husband disputes.

    Mr. O’Brien on duty fulltime for his client Ms. McConnaughay. Now O’Brien will say the tape was doctored? And the group she says she worked with don’t support her either.

    She has no interest in serving as your Senator in McHenry Co.

    She will run for higher office if you are tricked into voting for her. Mr. Skinner should interview her to nail her down for a statement now on her intentions to inform his readers so they may be informed of her intentions.

    She won’t give him an answer. If she does watch to see if the truth emerges.

    Just remember you read it here first.

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