Last Minute Poll on McConnaughay-Surges State Senate Race

Cliff Surges

Karen McConnaughay

Help me out here.

It’s Thursday night before the Tuesday election.

What good does it do to know whether Karen McConnaughay or Cliff Surges is in the lead and the gender of the personal answering the phone?

Got any ideas why someone would pay for such a poll?


Last Minute Poll on McConnaughay-Surges State Senate Race — 2 Comments

  1. here are the facts that the voters in the 33rd deserve to know. Karen M. has a very close relationship with the polling firm that does polls for her.

    she gives them money.

    they do polls.

    then they are on her campaign records giving her money.

    would these pollsters then not be compromised and perhaps have a conflict of interest with the client?

    she had a close election to the democrat last time since she isn’t too popular in kane county. she and Ken K. deserve to be sent packing.

    i am a nobody that people like her pay no attention to.

    i was at an event and ms. mc. ran by us to get to a big wig politician.

    we don’t count in her world.

    is it not time to elect a fresh start in the state?

    not another politician like karen m.

    i don’t know her personally and she is probably an ok person

    i just think we need to think about citizens in springfield rather than the same old politicians.

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