Adam Andrzejewski Takes on Karen McConnaughay

Here’s what is on the way to mailboxes in the 33rd State Senate District.

That’s where Kane County Board Chairman Karen McConnaughay is running against former Gilberts Village Trustee Cliff Surges.

One could logically observe that the gloves have been taken off for what appears to be a bare knuckle end of the election fight.

For the Good of Illinois, the Political Action Committee run by Adam Andrzejewski, is sending the following post card.

The word "Crooked" is the one that pops off the address side of this mailing against Karen McConnaughay.

Coincidences cited on the back of this anti-Karen McConnaughay post card are "taking money from county contractors," plus the pension of former county employee Phil Bus and contributions from his family.

In the email accompanying the images, half of which I found in an email forwarded by a reader, Adam wrote the following:

Adam Andrzejewski

“Please note that I actually signed the mailer.”Republican primary voters need to understand exactly what the stakes are in this race.

“As you know, my father ran against George Ryan in the late 1970’s twice.

[I did not, so I asked for details and here’s what I received: “My dad (John Andrzejewski) was a conservative Democrat in the elections of 1976 and 1978. He ran to the right of Ryan on the ERA amendment and forced Ryan to take a hard stand. To Ryan’s credit, it was one issue he didn’t sell his vote for a bridge. As House Speaker he voted against it and ERA failed by one vote (if memory serves). This is why it is important for good people to make a principled stand in elections.”]

When Reagan came through in 1980, our family became Republican and never looked back.

“I see McConnaughay as a George Ryan repeat: the establishment of this party knows exactly what she’s about- just like they knew and promoted George Ryan.

“If we don’t stop her now, she’ll cost us all a million dollars in 2014.

“We faced the same ‘institutional force’ in the Roger Eddy race: former gov Jim Edgar, Assistant Minority Leader Dale Righter, all six Republican county chairs, most pc’s, the nested state reps, the Illinois Chamber of Commerce alongside the teachers unions, AFSCME and SEIU.

“I think people are looking a little deeper this year.

“Everyone endorsing McConnaughay should be asked to recant, and if not they are held accountable too.

“The country/state is in crisis- there is no room for compromise on fundamental, basic principles.

“As you know, this race is our fourth situation where our research has uncovered gross ethical lapsed or legalized money laundering schemes.

“This is very embarrassing for our party.

“In one IL GOP primary season, I have the material for a national best-selling book.”

The blast email forwarded to me ended,

“You can’t reform Illinois if you don’t reform the IL GOP. And, you can’t reform the Republican Party if you elect politicians like Karen McConnaughay.”


Adam Andrzejewski Takes on Karen McConnaughay — 2 Comments

  1. Please McHenry County. Last chance to trust the average guy.

    Vote for Surges no matter what dirt the McConnaughay camp is throwing at him.

    And what the editorial boards that don’t know or care what she has done in Kane County are stating.

    Cliff Surges is the only candidate that will listen to YOU.

    You will not regret it. Plus Koehler wants McConnaughay. Enough said.

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