Erin Smith Endorses Ken Koehler for McHenry County Board

Ken Koehler

Erin Smith

Now I’ve gotten three pieces of political mail.

The only contests in my part of Lakewood and Crystal Lake are for President and McHenry County Board.

I received

  • an introduction-fund raising pitch from our Congressman-to-be Peter Roskam,
  • a piece from the Romney delegates (which featured State Treasurer Dan Rutherford prominently),
  • a post card from County Board candidate Tom Wilbeck and, on the very same day,
  • a letter from Lakewood’s Village President Erin Smith endorsing Ken Koehler.

In Smith’s letter, she says she has “worked closely with Koehler on a variety of issues that affect our quality of life in Lakewood.”

There are no specifics, but there could be, considering the cooperation at the County Board level in the granting of bonding authority to the developers of the McHenry County Sports Complex.

Interestingly, Smith refers to Koehler’s “detractors,” saying “his record of achievement over time has earned him widespread support across the collar county area.”

A copy of Koehler’s palm card, which you can see here, was enclosed.


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