Manzullo Continues to Rack Up Conservative Group’s Endorsements

So, will endorsements from Conservative groups be enough to re-elect 10-term Congressman Don Manzullo over first-termer Adam Kinzinger?

We’ll know Tuesday.

Two more joined the parade, bringing the total to fourteen.

With zero for Kinzinger.

Here’s Manzullo’s latest press release on the new additions:

Manzullo 14, Kinzinger 0

FRC, Tax Accountability latest conservative groups to endorse Manzullo

[WASHINGTON] – Two more major grassroots conservative organizations have come forward to endorse Congressman Don Manzullo (R-IL) for re-election over his opponent, Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL). These latest endorsements gives Manzullo a 14-0 sweep in conservative group endorsements over Kinzinger.

The Family Research Council Action PAC, the leading voice for the family in our nation’s capital, and Tax Accountability, the political arm of Taxpayers United of America, both endorsed Manzullo for re-election in the March 20 primary.

“Congressman Manzullo has worked tirelessly on behalf of faith, family and freedom in his time in Congress and is a true blue conservative on the issues that affect families. He is a longtime champion for life and fiscal responsibility,” said Tony Perkins, President of Family Research Council Action. “Congressman Manzullo is the true conservative in this race and has the record to back it up. We need conservatives like Don who aren’t afraid to stand up to those in Washington who continue to build a mountain of debt that threatens to overwhelm our children and grandchildren. FRC Action PAC knows Don Manzullo is a true advocate for the issues that best uphold and strengthen families. We are proud to support his candidacy.”

Jim Tobin

“I thank you for signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and opposing any and all efforts to increase taxes,” said Jim Tobin, President of Tax Accountability, the largest taxpayer protection organization in Illinois with over 30,000 members. “In recognition of your exceptional desire to fight taxes and support economic growth, Tax Accountability endorses you for the March 20, 2012 primary.”Manzullo said he was honored to receive the endorsements from two more major conservative organizations in America.

“Family Research Council Action PAC and Tax Accountability now make 14 conservative groups who have endorsed me over my opponent,” Manzullo said. “With this sweep of conservative endorsements and the huge disparities in conservative ratings from all the groups, it’s clear that I’m the only candidate in this race who’s serious about cutting wasteful Washington spending, balancing the budget, and paying down the national debt.”

In addition to Family Research Council Action and Tax Accountability, Manzullo has been endorsed by:

  • Illinois Tea Party
  • Gun Owners of America
  • American Conservative Union PAC
  • FreedomWorks PAC
  • RedState Editor and CNN political contributor Erick Erickson
  • Family-PAC federal
  • Eagle Forum of Illinois
  • Illinois Federation for Right to Life PAC
  • Illinois Citizens for Life federal PAC
  • 60 Plus Association (boasts more than 7 million conservative senior activists)
  • Illinois Conservatives (4,000 conservatives across Illinois under 35 years old)
  • The Madison Project (national pro-life, pro-family group)

Conservative groups are lining up behind Manzullo because they know he is the only candidate in the race who is serious about cutting wasteful Washington spending, balancing the budget, and paying down the national debt. In fact, Manzullo voted last year 79 more times than Kinzinger to cut $209 billion more in spending than Kinzinger. In addition, Manzullo voted for the only budget alternative that would have cut $9.1 trillion in spending and balanced the budget within 10 years. Kinzinger voted against the bill.

Conservative ratings from the following groups also show huge disparities between Manzullo and Kinzinger:

  • Club for Growth: Manzullo 85, Kinzinger 56
  • American Conservative Union (lifetime): Manzullo 96, Kinzinger 72.
  • Heritage Action for America: Manzullo 84, Kinzinger 63.
  • Americans for Prosperity: Manzullo A+, Kinzinger B.
  • National Journal (conservative composite score): Manzullo 74, Kinzinger 58.

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