Danielle Rowe Continues on the Revolution Theme & Undercutting Dave McSweeney

You surely would not know that appointed State Rep. Kent Gaffney is a candidate against Danielle Rowe from her latest and what must be her last mailing.

She continues on her “Revolution” theme, but aims her ammunition at Dave McSweeney, claiming, “The McCain-McSweeney Republican Party is one that opposes tax cuts, promotes bailouts of big banks, and supports amnesty for illegal aliens.”

This is the second time around for this message. (Click to enlarge any image.)

On the address side, Danielle repeats her criticism of Dave McSweeney's being too Establishment.

Danielle Rowe seeks to inspired Illinois voters with the example set in Wisconsin.

I imagine Gaffney is delighted at the mailing, because the Illinois Manufacturing Association poll last week showed McSweeney in first place with Rowe in third.

Trying to squeeze through the middle has to be Gaffney’s goal.

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