Kent Gaffney Sends Final Piece, Runs Cable TV Ad

Here’s what appears to be State Rep. Kent Gaffney last mail piece can be seen below:

The address side of Kent Gaffney's final piece. He features his attractive family and his Chicago Tribune endorsement.

The back of the mailer again emphasizes endorsements:

This side lists endorsements and sumarizes the issues Kent Gaffney thinks are important.

Saturday night my wife was watching one of the Irish movies and saw Pam Althoff on the TV.

This picture of State Senator Pam Althoff or the screen before it must have been what caught my wife's attention during an Irish movie.

She asked me if Pam were running for office.

I told her Pam was, but that she didn’t have an opponent.

I watched a while, but didn’t see the ad.

Now, the Gaffney campaign has sent a copy of the cable TV ad, but it doesn’t seem to be on YouTube and I can’t figure out how to post it.

If the campaign sends me a YouTube version, I’ll post it below.

Gaffney is opposed by Dave McSweeney and Danielle Rowe.

Meanwhile, a volunteer political operative for McSweeney reports a favorable response from the two precincts he worked in Crystal Lake. He predicts McSweeney will receive close to 50% of the vote.


Kent Gaffney Sends Final Piece, Runs Cable TV Ad — 3 Comments

  1. With that list of endorsements, I have decided to vote for McSweeney.

    That list is the “who’s who” of do-nothing, lazy, I’m just in it for the name recognition, political phoneys.

    The “Republican Party” in McHenry is a group of about 110 people who think they’re important who meet at their own fundraisers to re-assure themselves that their own delusions are true.

  2. Wow Skeptic you hit it out of the park!

    Endorsments are the kiss of death.

    McSweeney will go over 50% in a three way race.

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