McHenry County Board Roll Calls of Possible Interest on Election Day

Keely Cat has been pretty laid back since the County Board defeated the McHenry County Republican Cat Tax.

First, here’s the vote on what I consider the preeminent issue of the day–whether to push taxes as high as the Property Tax Cap allows or give taxpayers a break:

Who Vote to Raise Your County Taxes?

There were two votes and you might find it interesting who went from being on the taxpayers’ side to the tax eaters’ side.

Secondly, if you are interested on which County Board members wanted to increase regulation and taxes on cats in order to raise more money to remodel the Animal Control operation on Route 14 at Woodstock Street in Crystal Lake, the following roll call might be of interest:

Remembering the McHenry County Republican Cat Tax Now that the County Board Members Are Up for Re-Election

There are other issues of local impact, but the two above affect people throughout McHenry County and combine the obvious tax question, plus the less obvious fee hike issue (a new tax by another name) and expansion of regulation issue.

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