Postman (maybe woman) Comes Late

There is a Federal requirement that campaign mail be treated just like First Class mail during the last three weeks or so before an election.

This is one of three mailings from Kent Gaffney delivered on one Crystal Lake carrier route today.

All a candidate has to do is put a special red tag on his or her bulk mail.

So, will either State Rep. Kent Gaffney or his opponent or County Board members Donna Kurtz or Ken Koehler file a formal complaint  against the delivery person who must have deliberately delayed their campaign mailings?

Kurtz and Koehler have nothing to complain about.

How much better can it be to get your campaign pieces delivered the day before the election.

Gaffney, however, has a complaint.

Three of his mailings got delivered today.

And, McSweeney, if I were he, I would be pitching a fit.

Seven, I counted them, seven of his direct mail pieces got delivered today!

The mailings probably didn’t make any difference to this voter.¬† He told me that McSweeney himself called and spent a half an hour answering questions.

Now, that’s high touch.

There was worse Postal service prior to my last election.

A delivery person in Lake in the Hills stuck 14 pieces of my campaign mail in boxes the day of the election.

I still remember the anguished call from a woman who voted before she read that I was Pro-Life and Rosemary Kurtz was Pro-Choice.

“But she told me that you and she agreed on the issue,” was the comment I still remember.

The third candidate for State Rep. in the district is Danielle Rowe.

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