McSweeney Leading Gaffney in McHenry, Cook, Kane & Lake Counties

The Illinois Manufacturing Association’s poll predicted that David McSweeney would defeat appointed incumbent Kent Gaffney and in the McHenry County portion of the 52nd District he is.

Taken Thursday, the poll had McSweeney at 47%, Gaffney at 32% and Danielle Rowe at 21%.

The order was accurate, although the numbers seem to have tightened.

With 74% of the McHenry County part of the district counted, here’s where things stand:

This is only a partial return. I'm hunting for the other counties' results next.

= = = = =

With 96% of the McHenry County votes in, the results remain similar:

Unless there are large absentee and early voting outstanding, these numbers indicated that Dave McSweeney carried McHenry County handily, despite having virtually no endorsements of local elected officials or notables.


= = = = =

Results are complete in Lake County for the race and McSweeney leads there, too, as you can see below:

David McSweeny came in first in Lake County. All precincts are reporting. Of course, there could be missing early and absentee votes. Click to enlarge.

With 12 of 13 precincts reporting in the Cook County portion of the 52nd District, the pattern is the same as in McHenry and Lake Counties:

  • Dave McSweeeney
  • Kent Gaffney
  • Danielle Rowe

Same order in Cook County as the results were in McHenry and Lake. Click to enlarge.

And, in Kane County’s seven precincts, McSweeney duplicated his performance in the other three counties in the 52nd State Representative District:

In Kane County David McSweeney's winning pattern was replicated. Click to enlarge.


McSweeney Leading Gaffney in McHenry, Cook, Kane & Lake Counties — 2 Comments

  1. Wow, voters made a HUGE mistake today by not showing up and by supporting that fat bastard… I’m ready to move out of this district. Anyone else?

  2. Nice showing by Rowe, considering the cash spent by each, and the likely GOP vote fraud. They were probably so worried about Ron Paul and a few other candidates, they forgot to minimalize Danielle.

    The toothpaste is out of the tube, and the establishment can’t put it back in.

    It looks like us true liberty / freedom / small government advocates are hosed for another cycle.

    It may take a year, or 10, or 20. This movement won’t be stopped.

    You old folks (35 and over) who think warmongering is “supporting the troops” will be long gone when freedom is finally restored.

    JFK is credited with saying, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”

    Supporting Obama, Gingrich, Santorum, or Romney is making peaceful revolution impossible.

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