Women Ruling in County Board District 6

There are two slates of women who have teamed up and the campaign has not been particularly pretty.

Incumbents Ersel Schuster and Diane Evertsen have been matched against incumbent Mary McCann and challenger Michele Aavang.

I liken it to a wrestling match in one link.  If you’d like to read the story, it’s here.

In any event, the four ladies are leading all the guys, plus one other female candidate, as you can see below:

With two-thirds of the vote in, Diane Evertsen is leading. The next three are Mary McCann, Michele Aavang and Ersel Schuster. The top guy is Shawn Green, who is in 5th place.

= = = = =
Now that all precincts are reporting, but with early and absentee votes still to be added in, the finishing order is
Diane Evertsen
Mary McCann
Ersel Schuster
Michele Aavang

This rank order is a bit different from the one fist posted, but the top four are still the same.


Women Ruling in County Board District 6 — 1 Comment

  1. I support all 4 leading ladies in District 6.

    I hope they are all successful in their efforts to represent District 6.

    All three incumbents have worked very hard to keep our small rural part of the County rural.

    They all have and will fight hard to restrict the scope of the proposed Alden Road Project.

    Although Michelle is a newcomer to County Board Politics, she is a dedicated and passionate woman who works very hard at all endeavors she truly believes in.

    I hope they all can work together on common goals and respect others different opinions.

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