More Votes Appearing in District 4 County Board District Show Bob Mertens in 4th Place, instead of Linda Murphy

Last night when I did the story about McHenry County Board’s District 6, the numbers showed that the three incumbents were winning, plus Linda Kvidera Murphy.

Take a look:

Here are the results I captured from the McHenry County Clerk's web site at 11:05 Election Night.

Having not a clue what happened between then and when the following results were posted, I share them with you:

Here is what one now sees on the County Clerk's Vote Results web site McVote.

So the results are

  1. John Hammerand- 3052
  2. Sandra Salgado – 2762
  3. Sue Draffkorn – 2728
  4. Robert Martens – 2428
  5. Linda Murphy – 2416
  6. Ed Varga – 1774


More Votes Appearing in District 4 County Board District Show Bob Mertens in 4th Place, instead of Linda Murphy — 3 Comments

  1. No mystery Cal. The absentee ballots that arrived the day before the election and all the early votes are captured by precinct and added to the election day votes only after every ballot cast on election day is counted. After the screen displays 100% of precincts, the clerk drops in the early arriving absentee and the early votes and combines them into a new number.

    The rub is that there is no nomenclature change on the screen to denote this update. Lake County combines these votes during tabulation and when their screen states 100% it really means 100% of EV/AB and day of combined.

    Keep in mind that this race is far from over. For the next 14 days the Clerk’s office will collect “late arriving” absentee ballots (must be post marked by March 19th) and count them on the 14th day after election day. During this two week period the provisional ballots will be reviewed and if the voter affidavit is determined to be valid, those votes will be tallied on the 14th day too. It’s not inconceivable to think there could be a twelve vote swing.

    By the way, this is the process we went through for Joe Walsh to make sure his 291 vote lead was upheald.

  2. According to the county clerk, there’s 108 absentee votes county wide.
    Linda hasn’t lost yet!

  3. Each day the mailman brings more.

    They just need to be postmarked by march 19th.

    There maybe provisional ballots as well.

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