Shawn Green Offers Thanks to Vote

Angela and Shawn Green on a Family PAC Cruise.

A note from District 6 McHenry County Board candidate Shawn Green:

“It was a great experience speaking with the folks in District 6 throughout this campaign season and getting to know you better; I was honored to receive support from so many of you.

“We came up a bit short in this primary bid, but I believe much was accomplished in terms of bringing about awareness to the core principles of leadership, accountability, and transparency.

“We must continue to stress these points as we work together to elect our Republican nominees this November.”


Shawn Green Offers Thanks to Vote — 6 Comments

  1. Didn’t and don’t agree with the candidate.

    From what I saw he ran a good race.

    Congratulations for that and a gracious statement.

  2. I wish things had turned out much better in this district as a whole and for Mr Green in particular.

    He sounds like a class act and I would have preferred his voice over a couple other obstructionists.

    In any event, best wishes, Mr Green.

  3. I guess being called an obstructionist comes from people who don’t agree with someone else.

    There are many who use that tact – “negative label” against others to keep GOOD change from happening or to protect THEIR turf.

  4. Shawn is a decent guy but he’s not leader we need.

    Happen to hear him once telling another person about how he can’t get involved with a very serious matter because it may hurt his political chances and his “friends” and co-workers wouldn’t be happy.

    We do know that Shawn is a cop.

    The kind of cop who doesn’t cross the BLUE LINE.

  5. I am by no means perfect, but I can state with 100% certainty that I never failed to get involved in something out of fear it would “hurt my political chances”, nor have I made any comments remotely suggesting such a thing.

    I can only assume the above commenter is referring to a request I received some time ago asking me to address recent issues within the Sheriff’s Office.

    I decided it would have been inappropriate to wade in to political and/or legal matters I knew little about, particularly when they weren’t my battles to fight.

    Not wanting to take sides on an issue for the reasons I just noted is far different than what the commenter suggests.

    If he or she would like to send me an email, I’d be glad to get together and listen their concerns.

    Thank you again to those who supported my bid for the county board.

    I look forward to helping our Republican nominees get elected this November, and taking a more active role, albeit from the sidelines for two more years, in holding our county board members accountable for their decisions.

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