State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi May Be in Court Addressing “Availability” to Prosecute Sheriff Keith Nygren

Silly me.

I thought that the over two-year journey to see whether Associate Judge Thomas Meyer would appoint a Special Prosecutor to look into allegations of wrong-doing by McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren would be over today.

Instead Meyer dismissed all the motions before him, including the first, short one filed by Special Assistant State’s Attorney Bill Caldwell which asked the Judge to make a decision on whether a Special Prosecutor should be appointed, considering it was in his discretion.

Lou Bianchi

After clearing the decks of the tortuously argued motions, the Judge set a trial for April 25, 2012, at 10 AM.  [Gus Philpott notes that the evidence will be take at 1:30 that afternoon.]

At that trial McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi may be on the stand.

That apparently would not be necessary if Zane Seipler’s attorney Blake Horwitz had been willing to stipulate to the contents on the deposition which Horwitz, Nygren’s personal attorney Mark Gummerson, and Caldwell conducted.

Nygren is no longer a party to the case.

Apparently in questioning of Bianchi, Horwitz will be able to ask about Bianchi’s availability to prosecute specifically named crimes, solicitation to murder seeming to be the most serious.

But Judge Meyer stressed, “I’m not going to take evidence on specific crimes.”

Caldwell mentioned a letter that Horwitz had written.

“His letter may well add context to specific (allegations),” Judge Meyer replied.

Before orally denying all the motions, Meyer said, “I need that testimony,” adding later, “The only was to resolve this is witness testimony.”

Prior to adjourning, Judge Meyer entered into the record an encounter he had with Nygren “on official business” in a private judicial corridor.  Something about “security.”

He “was there to see another judge…it was only in passing that I knew he was here.  I told him I think it would be more appropriate if you did not come into my chamber.”

The issue of sanctions requested by Horwitz against Gummerson will be up in court next on April 11th at 11:30.  [Gus Philpott notes that it is now set at 1:30.]

= = = = =

Out in the hallway Horwitz expressed his extreme displeasure at the article the Northwest Herald reporter had written about Zane Seipler’s reinstatement in his job as Deputy Sheriff after an almost four-year court marathon in which Sheriff Nygren refused to accept

  • the arbitrator’s decision,
  • Judge Meyer’s Administrative Review decision upholding the arbitrator’s decision,
  • the 2nd Appellate Court’s ruling upholding Judge Meyer’s decision upholding the arbitrator’s decision.

Finally, when the Illinois Supreme Court’s refused to review the 2nd Appellate Court panel’s decision, Nygren made as many other delaying moves as the law allowed.

The arbitrator ruled that Seipler deserved a three-day suspension for doing something similar to what a Nygren favorite did and got such a punishment.

I didn’t write an article on the story, but did comment on how the online headlines got harsher the second day the story was posted.

= = = = =

As I’m driving back to Crystal Lake, going through my head was the Beatles 1970 song, “Long and Winding Road.”

Any wonder why?


State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi May Be in Court Addressing “Availability” to Prosecute Sheriff Keith Nygren — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for your accuracy and detail, Cal.

    Judge Meyer is one stand-up guy.

    As for Nygren, he belongs down the hall, around the corner, at the front counter of the administrative office for the court, not back in the inner sanctum.

    Thanks for posting the upcoming dates.

    Anyone wishing to check the case for the time and courtroom can go to and look up Case No. 10MR000011.

  2. Forget prosecute, you have to start with INVESTIGATE.

    Just investigate this Sheriff.

    His campaign material is posted all over the government center.

    Its obvious.

    It cost money.

    Our money, tax money, my money!!!!

    I’m broke and this sorry excuse gets to use my money to put his campaign crap on the vehicles and buildings I PAY FOR WITH MONEY I CAN’T AFFORD TO GIVE UP!!!!!

    This Seipler guy is back at work, down the hall or sent off site or in whatever corner Nygren has him hidden away in and his lawyer is in court hammering the issues, trying to see justice come to this God forsaken county.


    I have never in my life seen such a brazen disregard for personal safety and comfort as I have seen with this man.

    You know Nygren’s cops over there would love to make a move on him.

    When Nygren falls we will owe Seipler a huge debt of gratitude.

    Seipler For Sheriff. Should have voted for him last time. I was still on the right side though. I voted for Gus.

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