Rockford Tea Party Leader David Hale Considering Run for Congress

In light of Congressman Don Manzullo’s loss to Adam Kinzinger, a freshman deemed

  • more liberal that Manzullo by every organization that did a ranking and
  • more compliant with national House Republican Leadership’s wishes, as evidenced by Eric Cantor’s contributions and support to him,

Rockford Tea Party leader David Hale is polling those on his email list about whether he should run for Congress.

The Tea Party folks in the 16th District that were not shills for the Republican Party endorsed and worked for Manzullo.

In an email headed, “Is Adam Kinzinger your real choice for Congress?” Hall asks recipients to answer a series of questions.

Take a look at them:

A Run For Congress

  1. Would you support a Tea Party Conservative Independent for Congress against Adam Kinzinger? Yes, No
  2. Would you support David Hale for such a run? Yes, No
  3. Would you provide financial support? Yes, No
  4. Would you volunteer for his campaign? Yes, No
  5. Would you help him obtain signatures for petitions? Yes, No
  6. Would you invite him to speak to your friends, neighbors, small group or community group? Yes, No
  7. Do you want David Hale to run for Congress in the 16th Congressional District in the November General Election? Yes, No
  8. If you are willing to support David Hale for Congress please write you name, phone number and valid email address in the box below and complete this survey.


Rockford Tea Party Leader David Hale Considering Run for Congress — 2 Comments

  1. Another vote for a Democratic congressman.

    Quit worrying about dousing yourself in gasoline and lighting yourself on fire.

    Keep a Democrat out of this seat, otherwise you just reward Democratic remapping.

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