The Mysterious Robo-Call Against McHenry County Board Candidate Mike Walkup

Late in the afternoon the last day of filing, Eileen Marhoefer and Michael Walkup converged in the parking lot outside the County Clerk's Office and I took this photo.

The robo-call came the day before the election, Monday, at 1:25 PM from 202-220-0202.

Here’s the text, read by a man with a deep voice:

Dear Neighbor-

Don’t be fooled.

Michael Walkup is a long-time Democrat.

In fact, as a Democratic Precinct Captain, Walkup campaigned for Al Gore.

Walkup ran as a Democrat against Senator Dick Klemm…twice. Walkup’s campaigns were financed by Trial Lawyers PAC.

He even declared himself as a Democrat in a non-partisan race for Park District.

And, here’s the worst part of all…Like a true tax and spend Democrat, Walkup voted to increase your taxes every year he’s been in office.

In fact, Walkup voted for a tax increase so large that it triggered a Truth in Taxation hearing to warn the public.

Don’t be fooled. Michael Walkup is a Democrat.

This Tuesday ask for a Republican ballot and vote for true Republicans for County Board.

This message paid for by Republicans for Truth and Transparency

I can’t tell you whether Walkup promoted himself as a Democrat when he ran for the Crystal Lake Park District. In fact, I saw no campaign at all.

What is left out of the message is that he ran in the GOP primary for Nunda Township Supervisor after he ran for State Senate against Klemm.

He also ran for and won the office of Republican Precinct Committeeman in his precinct west of Walkup Road and east of Oak Street.

Now, an observation about the impact of the robo-call.

Name ID counts for a lot in way-down-the-ballot races like County Board.

So from an name identification point of view, the call probably helped Walkup.

And, perhaps forgotten by the anonymous “Republicans for Truth and Transparency” is that Illinois has an open primary.

Not a secret primary, but Democrats can vote in Republican primaries.

So, if, per chance, the Democrat or Independent of a family tagged “Republican” by the firm that did the robo-calls, answered the phone and listened to the message, the result may have been to encourage those who think Republicans have too much of a monopoly on the County Board to vote in the GOP primary for Walkup.

In politics, one should be aware on unintended consequences.

Walkup ended up coming in a comfortable third with four to be nominated.

One more thought.

This fall there are two people running as Democrats for County Board.

If Walkup is perceived as a Democrat by Democrats, does anyone think that they might not vote for the two women on the ballot under the Democratic Party label, PLUS Walkup.

If Republicans vote for Walkup as one of four Republicans to try to get rid of Democrat incumbent Kathy Bergan Schmidt, and Walkup picks up the third vote from those favoring the Democratic Party, might not Walkup run first in November?


The Mysterious Robo-Call Against McHenry County Board Candidate Mike Walkup — 2 Comments

  1. The three big disappointments of the primary: Walkup, Skala and Koehler all winning a spot on the ballot. Two tax fiends and a walking conflict of interest.

  2. on 4/9/12 i found a message from some aryan patriot group inviting me to a townhall meeting they were hosting for willy “dba joe” walsh that left this number on the caller id.

    I have no use for this carpetbagger or his whacko friends.Number obviously belongs to some whitehate superpac.

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