Mt. Thabor Cemetery Vandals Turn Out to be 13-Year Olds, “Boredom” Motive

A press release from the Crystal Lake Police Department:

On March 25, 2012 at approximately 5 p.m., two (2) unidentified juvenile males were observed damaging headstones in the Mount Thabor Cemetery located at 2700 Mount Thabor Road in Crystal Lake, IL.

A McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy on patrol was notified by a passerby of the incident and responded to the scene.

Upon arriving, the Deputy observed two male juveniles fleeing the area and initiated a foot pursuit but was unable to apprehend the offenders.

In the days following the incident, an investigation ensued and suspect information was developed during a neighborhood canvass conducted in the Bryn Mawr Sub-Division.

On March 30th, police spoke with two thirteen year old male juveniles who subsequently admitted to being responsible for the damage. The juveniles, one who is a resident of Crystal Lake and the other, a resident of Woodstock were both charged under the Cemetery Protection Act 765ILCS 835/1(b) Class 2 Felony and 765ILCS 835/1(b-5) Class 4 Felony.

In total, seventeen tombstones had been either knocked over or damaged by the two juveniles causing an estimated $3,300 in damage.

Both juveniles will be referred to McHenry County Court Services and petitioned into Juvenile Court.

According to the offenders, their motivation for committing these acts was “boredom”.


Mt. Thabor Cemetery Vandals Turn Out to be 13-Year Olds, “Boredom” Motive — 7 Comments

  1. I’m saddened to hear about the two 13 year olds that thought it was cool to damage headstones in Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Crystal Lake, Ill.

    My two baby sisters are buried next to each other there.

    They died four days apart, one of them in Crystal Lake.

    I live in Florida and have not been able to visit the cemetery.

    This is heart breaking news, but I understand it is not the first time Mt. Tabor Cemetery has been attacked.

  2. Hi Clare,

    If you want some recent pictures of Mt. Thabor, I’d be more than happy to share with you. My email addres is:

    I have ancestors buried in Mt. Thabor Cemetary.

    Dyer Johnson
    Springfield, TN

  3. Dyer:

    Just found your comment, so sorry. Yes, it it not to late I would love to see the pictures from Mt. Tabor.


  4. Mr. Johnson I would be interested in any pictures you may have.

    I enjoy walking old cemeteries.

    I actually enjoy walking all cemeteries.

    Every headstone tells a tale.

    I like walking them with my iPad and try and find out the back drop on who’s there and what they did and how they got there.

    I have found some fascinating things.

    Some of which Carrie historical significance but has been long and forgotten.

    I love old farms and estates as well.

    When I hold something from the past I can almost see its history.

    Pictures help so much.

  5. I was looking at an old post about Mr. Tabor vandalism..

    I had mentioned my two baby sisters were buried next to each other there.

    You said you had Ancestors buried there.

    I am grateful the police were persistent in find the two 13 year olds that did this.

    I hope their punishment was to restore the damage and clean up the cemetery.

  6. Hi Clare! My friend and I visited the cemetery today.

    We were wondering if you knew stuff about the babies buried there since you said a couple were your sisters.

    I just find it weird that they buried 13 babies there in a span of two years and never buried any again.

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